• Tried everything, it hides nothing. Most of the detectors still find the plugins I am using( WooCommerce, Divi etc ).
    Checked every and each option on this plugin. I even get the commercial version which claims to do the job. After a couple of months, i still have no luck in hiding things, I’ll just ask for my money back. It just can’t do it !

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  • Did you contact support about it?

    They work very hard to help with settings and to guide you.

    I assure you it can be done.

    Most detectors already have a cached database. Some of them keep a 3 months cache, others up to a year.

    So even if I gave you a html file to upload via FTP and say that’s your whole site, those theme detectors would still believe it’s a WordPress site (even though it would basically be just a basic html).

    Contacting support is the best way to go about it.
    That’s why you have that option.

    The knowledgebase also has many articles to show you exactly how to hide paths, especially in more advanced plugins.

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