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  • hello
    when I want to post a new article, I can’t find the visual editor !!! and yes I have “use the visual editor when writing” cheked !

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  • Ivovic: The editor is turned on in my profile, I noted that in my last post. this ocured after I upgraded. any other ideas?

    So far I have re uploaded my wp-includes directory, verified that the checkbox in my profile for use visual editor is checked and gone over my .htaccess file, what else can this be? I really need to get this back up and working any help wold be greatly apreciated.

    Check web server error logs after visiting the Write Posts page. Anything show up in the logs?

    or your files’ CHMOD !
    CHMOD your /wp-includes/…./tinymce/ to 777 ( I guess)

    Okay, so after experementing with various other borswers I have narowed this issue to Safari, the visual editor works in Flock (on mac) and in IE (windows)

    Since I set up a new site with WP 2.3 visual editors in all my WP installations donĀ“t appear anymore. Neither WP 2.3 nor WP 2.2 (visual editor worked hasslefree in 2.2 installations before).
    Visual Editor DOES NOT APPEAR (Win XP) in
    Firefox 2.0
    IE 7.0
    Browzar 1.4

    Safari 3.0.3 (Win XP)

    User Profile “use visual editor” checked. File and Folder permissions checked. No .htaccess file other than in root.

    This is very much ennoying!!! Any solution?

    Kind regards from Austria

    I had the same problem after upgrading from an older version to 2.3.

    I have no .htaccess files to be concerned about and the option to “use visual editor” was checked.

    I was able to get my editor icons to show up by doing the following:

    * Toggle (uncheck, save, check, save) the “Use Visual Editor” checkbox
    * Run “chown -R apache:root /my-wordpress-directory”

    After this, voila! Hopefully this helps others.

    WordPress is the shix. Thanks for building such a great and easy to use application. I’d love to help.

    The Who Sees Ads plugin 1.2.2 was giving me the problem. Version 1.3 seems to make things okay.

    THANK YOU Kaotic. I’ve been struggling with with this problem for a while and finally wandered over here. I’d gone through every page trying to find what the problem was. Tonight, I come here and in 5 minutes find the solution (profile page, upper left, check the box) and now it’s perfect.


    I was able to get my editor icons to show up by doing the following:

    * Toggle (uncheck, save, check, save) the “Use Visual Editor” checkbox
    * Run “chown -R apache:root /my-wordpress-directory”

    Interspike, could you please explain what do you mean by
    * Run “chown -R apache:root /my-wordpress-directory”?
    I am sorry but I didn’t understand you and I really tried everything else-I am so frustrated ughhh
    Yesterday everything seemed fine but today when I upgraded to 3.2.1 the Editor was gone :S
    Hope you can help me

    Good grief! “chown -R apache:root /my-wordpress-directory” looks like some Linux line command which is normally not accessible from most Web hosting account.

    Is there any other solution? My web host is asking for:

    “Can you please provide us with a step-by-step instruction and a set of login details to test it?”

    Help! My toolbar disappeared also. I have checked “use visual editor,” created a new profile, decativated and reactivated all plug-ins as suggested and nothing works.

    I am using WordPress as a content management system for 8 people. 7 can see and use the visual editor. The 8th cannot. I had her send me screenshots. She does not have a choice between visual and code. She definitely has it turned on. How can 7 people have one experience and the 8th not. She is on a Mac Mini with OS X 3.4 using Safari. I am on a macbook using safari or firefox so I don’t think that is the issue. I had her try Firefox and there was no difference. Any clues?

    OK, the problem might be obvious to you all, but I did solve it. The security on both Safari and Firefox was set too high. When lessened, WordPress worked on both browsers just fine.


    I also need help!

    I am using wordpress 2.3.2 and I am having this same issue. The visual editor does not show up. I’ve tried many different things and I think the issue might be located on the server side. I can see the editor when using a wordpress version installed in a hosting company but I can’t see the editor when using it on my own server. (same wordpress version)

    My server is: Windows XP runing Apache, PHP and MySQL (easyPHP package).

    I can’t drag and drop widgets either. Any clues?


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