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  • This is my first blog & I am not techno savvy by any stretch of the imagination. (I bought blogging for dummies & I found that pretty hard to follow) By some fluke I managed to get my blog up & running a little while ago & I have made regular posts & put a lot of effort into the photos & content but haven’t received any real visitors.

    I have used pingoat to ping technorati & a bunch of other sites.

    Is it the content or have I not done all that SEO jazz correctly? (I can’t find any of my recipes on google if I search that normally even how that works?) How long does it usually take for people to notice new bogs?

    Any suggestions, critisisim or support would be deeply appreciated.
    Thankyou – Shannon

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  • Be patient, it takes a while for someone eventually visit your blog and even longer for google to start indexing your site. Try promoting it via technorati, blogcatalog or many other social networking site to get more visitor.

    However, a good content should be get index faster in google and someone will evidently found your blog on search engine. You don’t have to do any SEO if your site is providing good content, however it quite helpful.

    Just keep writing … the more you write, the better the chance to be found.

    Nothing is wrong. This is normal. Set up your site on Google Webmaster’s to be able to test that Google is able to crawl your site successfully. That will get it in the search results at least.

    The other thing would be to add WP Super Cache plugin to speed your site up a bit.

    It takes time. There is no recipe (irony intended) for making an instantly popular blog. Just keep producing quality content. It helps to take a unique approach. Maybe offer all of your recipes in RecipeML format so users can easily download the recipe to their Digital Cookbooks. Check this post for more information:

    I’m still working on making my site more successful. Adding some plugins that offer nice features and better presentation are nice, but quality content is what keeps people coming back. Check out my site at

    You might double check under privacy in your admin panel and make sure that you are allowing the search engines to index your site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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