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  • Sorry to have to come back.

    I’ve got a similar issue: Visitor Activity / Access Log empty.

    After the install of the menu with all previously colected data was back.
    However, almost no recent data were collected – exception: a few searches. A few visitors show up in the overview graph as well (considerably less than expected), but, as mentioned, the access log is empty.

    Went through the settings dialogue several times but dind’t find a clue, switched to client tracking mode and back to server mode without changes in behavior, async mode is and was off. Tried to activate the new city tracking mode; as there were no changes showing up switched back to country mode, deinstalled and reinstalled the MaxMind GeoLite library.

    Could you please be so kind as to tell me how to get access data back?

    My config string:
    {“version”:”″,”secret”:”6329597429478eeb2ae0d6d494b20fe8″,”show_admin_notice”:”″,”browscap_last_modified”:1505129580,”is_tracking”:”on”,”javascript_mode”:”no”,”enable_javascript”:”on”,”track_admin_pages”:”no”,”use_separate_menu”:”no”,”add_posts_column”:”on”,”posts_column_day_interval”:”30″,”posts_column_pageviews”:”no”,”add_dashboard_widgets”:”no”,”hide_addons”:”no”,”auto_purge”:”0″,”auto_purge_delete”:”on”,”do_not_track_outbound_classes_rel_href”:”noslimstat,ab-item”,”extensions_to_track”:”pdf,doc,xls,zip”,”track_same_domain_referers”:”no”,”session_duration”:”8″,”extend_session”:”on”,”geolocation_country”:”on”,”enable_cdn”:”no”,”external_domains”:””,”track_users”:”no”,”ignore_users”:””,”ignore_ip”:””,”ignore_capabilities”:””,”ignore_spammers”:”no”,”ignore_bots”:”on”,”ignore_resources”:””,”ignore_countries”:””,”ignore_browsers”:””,”ignore_referers”:””,”anonymize_ip”:”no”,”ignore_prefetch”:”no”,”use_european_separators”:”on”,”date_format”:”d-m-y”,”time_format”:”h:i a”,”show_display_name”:”no”,”convert_resource_urls_to_titles”:”no”,”convert_ip_addresses”:”no”,”async_load”:”no”,”use_current_month_timespan”:”on”,”expand_details”:”on”,”rows_to_show”:”20″,”limit_results”:”1000″,”ip_lookup_service”:”http:\/\/\/?ip_address=”,”mozcom_access_id”:””,”mozcom_secret_key”:””,”refresh_interval”:”60″,”number_results_raw_data”:”50″,”custom_css”:””,”chart_colors”:””,”show_complete_user_agent_tooltip”:”no”,”enable_sov”:”no”,”restrict_authors_view”:”yes”,”capability_can_view”:”activate_plugins”,”can_view”:””,”rest_api_tokens”:”358fd532075c2189b3c0fca6cf5fe2a9″,”capability_can_admin”:”activate_plugins”,”can_admin”:””,”last_tracker_error”:[200,”Unknown column ‘city’ in ‘field list'”,”1505329755″],”show_sql_debug”:”no”,”no_maxmind_warning”:”no”,”no_browscap_warning”:”no”,”locked_options”:””,”ignore_platforms”:””,”last_tracker_notice”:[310,”Bot not tracked”,”1505383747″]}

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    @k1d, what version of Slimstat are you using? If you’re using the latest version, can you please make sure to clear your cache?

    @oldman55, please start your own thread.

    I use:

    WordPress: 4.8.1


    I cleared the cache of the web server,
    but Visitor Activity is still empty.

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    That’s odd. Would it be possible for me to take a look? Contact me at and we’ll go from there.


    Once I uninstalled the Slimstat and installed it again, it worked normally.
    I do not know the cause.

    Screen Shot:

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    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Great! Thanks for letting us know.

    I’m sorry. It was a wrong screen shot.
    The correct one is here.

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