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  1. donkeytwan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm having issues with accessing my dashboard or even logging in through the usual /wp/wp-admin. The website is postghostproduction.com and it's hosted at godaddy.

    Let me explain from the beginning..

    I couldn't access the website without adding /wp to the end of the url, so I tried to change this through the dashboard. Once I did the website was showing up without the theme. I read that the fix was to copy all the contents from the "wp" folder to the root folder, which I tried to do. Long story short, I ended up MOVING all of the "wp" folder contents to the "wp-admin" and then copying all of the new content in the "wp-admin" back to wp which I then copied into the root folder. In other words, "wp," "wp-admin," contain the same exact information, except the root has some additional folders obviously. Godaddy's cpanel has no "undo" function and if I replaced a file by copying something different with the same name over it, I was never alerted to it.

    As you can probably sense, I'm very novice when it comes to this sort of thing. I'm working on this website for a friend and figured I could do it all from dashboard because the school he graduated from did all of the initial setup for him.

    Any help or suggestions is appreciated, including a reset. I don't see in cpanel any way to revert back to or restore the initial directory contents. I can see that the "wp-admin.php" is in both my root folder as well as my "wp" folder.


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