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    I tried to upload videos using URLs because I couldn’t have them on my media.
    I uploaded my videos through both Dropbox and Google Drive but both of them gave me this error: The url you have entered is invalid/unreachable or the file type is not supported by your browser.
    However, When I went to my website, the player was working but it didn’t have the quality options and I couldn’t open that gear icon menu to set the quality.
    Still, the video was playing with the quality that was the first URL in the adding URL section.

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    the plugin tries to check the file extension when you enter a url manually. If there’s no file extension (as in urls of Google Drive), it stops with an error message.
    I’ve updated the plugin and changed this behaviour. Now it assumes a mp4-MIME type when there’s no file extension.
    Let me know if it worked for you.

    Oh, my GOOOOD!
    That has actually worked!!!!
    thank you so much for your support, I have been surfing the internet for hours, searching for a plugin that manages to display the video quality in the desired way.
    I really appreciate it.
    It’s was nice of you answering me and updating the plugin so quickly!
    I’m sorry that I chose the “IT SUCKS” title in the comments to complain about it. no offense.
    If you’re interested to see how the video now looks like in my website here’s the link:
    My Website
    But there is still only one tiny little issue though, and that is can u make this automated? Like YouTube? So you won’t need to set the video quality manually …
    I hope that you will be even successful than you are right now.

    Plugin Author team-ok


    Great to hear it’s working now.
    Your review was actually quite harsh, it’s better to use the support forum first.
    Maybe you can remove or edit your review?

    Concerning the other issue: the plugin does set the quality automatically, but depending on the player’s height. In your case the player’s height is 360px, so the plugin looks for a file with a size that is closest to (but not smaller than) the player’s height.
    This is better than loading a file with hd resolution that has to be scaled down to 640 x 360 to fit the size of the player.
    As a demonstration, try to change your shortcode attributes to width=”854″ and height=”480″. This should change the initial quality to 480p.

    If you really want to define a minimum quality that is loaded initially, you can paste a short snippet in your functions.php. See the question “How can I define a default quality level for all videos?” in the FAQ.

    But I will think about an automatic quality change if the player is set to fullscreen mode as an additional feature.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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