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  • Plugin Author David Aguilera


    Thanks for your review! If somebody is wondering what’s included in the free version:

    • A drag-and-drop editorial calendar where you can schedule WordPress posts
    • One social account per network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram…
    • One social message on each connected social account promoting a WordPress post that has just been published
    • A quality analysis of your posts that helps you to keep track of all the tasks you should complete before publishing a post
    • Integration with Google Analytics, so that you can see which posts work the best in your blog at a glance
    • RSS feed management to get blogging ideas from the blogs you follow
    • External featured images (assuming your theme is compatible with this feature)
    • And a few more things!

    Hi David, thanks for your reply.
    I found your plug-in while looking for something to automatically share and re-share my WordPress posts on social media.
    Your plug-in looks very nice and robust but the free version only allows “One social message on each connected social account promoting a WordPress post that has just been published”. I can do that by sharing manually.
    The bells and whistles you listed are nice but not essential. Sharing and re-sharing is. At the moment I am looking for the ability to share and re-share. I am OK with limitations but just one share is useless to me.
    I am sure you understand, based on your own experience with Pagefrog, that a user of a plug-in will never know for sure if support will continue. We are left wondering when the author will simply disappear, leaving us scrambling to find a replacement for what is now an unsupported tool. All that to say that before I’m ready to pay for a premium version I want to know that there is some kind of business structure behind the tool that is not depended on a single person. I am willing to see ads in my development environment in exchange for some value. I even click on the ads sometimes when I see something that interests me.
    I hope you take this as it was intended: to give you a clarification of my review. Not taking the time to explain my initial review was my mistake and for that I apologize.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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