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[Resolved] No validation message returned

  • Hi,

    I added a validated text field to my custom field group, with basic PHP validation as below:

    if(strlen($value) < 10) {
        $message = "Test alert";
        return false;
    } else {
        return true;

    I then entered less than ten characters in the field on the post page and clicked ‘publish’ to test this, expecting my error message to pop up, but it did not do so. In fact WordPress would not even save my changes, it just hangs and doesn’t actually reload the page.

    Please can anyone shed some light as to what the issue may be?



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  • Plugin Author doublesharp


    @aboother – It sounds like you are running into a JavaScript error. Can you let me know what OS/browser you are using, and also check to see if there is anything in the JavaScript console that may be relevant?

    @doublesharp – I’m running the latest version of Chrome, I’m getting no JS errors in the console I’m afraid. I’m using the latest versions of both the ACF plugin and the ACF validation plugin and am running WordPress 3.9 too.

    It seems like the validation partly works as the page doesn’t submit, but I just don’t get any validation messages pop-up and can’t submit the page thereafter no matter how many characters I enter into the field.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Plugin Author doublesharp


    Are you creating a Post, Custom Post, or Page? Your sample code works fine for me using a CPT with a text field.

    If you have the developer tools open in Chrome on the Network tab when you click the Publish/Update button you should see a request to /admin-ajax.php – can you copy the “Form Data” section as well as the JSON Response?


    I’m using a custom post. The form data returns:

    [ Moderator note: Code fixed, please wrap code in backticks or use the code button. ]


    Under the ‘preview’ tab when I’ve clicked on ‘admin-ajax.php’, the following is returned:

    <b>Notice</b>: Undefined variable: php in <b>/website/theme/wp-content/plugins/validated-field-for-acf/validated_field_v4.php</b> on line <b>135</b> [{id:fields[field_536226330aa1f], message:Test Alert, valid:false}]
    0: {id:fields[field_536226330aa1f], message:Test alert, valid:false}
    id: "fields[field_536226330aa1f]"
    message: "Test alert"
    valid: false

    This looks like it may be causing an issue?

    Plugin Author doublesharp


    It is indeed the issue – I don’t have E_STRICT enabled on my laptop so I wasn’t getting that notice. Everything is evaluating correctly (which is why the proper message is present) but I am appending to a variable called $php before creating it which is breaking the JavaScript since it’s not valid JSON.

    I’ll push out an update with this fixed this afternoon, thanks!

    Plugin Author doublesharp


    @aboother Version should fix this issue for you, thanks!

    Excellent, thanks @doublesharp that’s fixed the issue.

    Just a small thing to note. I have made the field a ‘required field’. If I go to submit the post without any characters in the field, it flags up that the field is required which is right. I then enter just one character, and although my PHP validation should show a message if the value is less than 10 character (as per my first post), no message shows and I can save the post changes. Therefore I can save the post with less than 10 characters in this validated field.
    If I then go to save the post again without making any changes, the validation works and the message appears to say the validated field has less than 10 characters. So basically this validated message doesn’t work the first time round but does there after.

    If you can think of any reasons for this that would be great.


    Plugin Author doublesharp


    @aboother Can you please upgrade to version 1.2 and give it another try? If you are still having issues please open a new ticket. Thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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