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    I’ve logged into both my blog dashboard and the global dashboard on, looking for the upgrades tab so I can purchase videopress.


    Any other suggestions?

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    VideoPress is a feature. Try and then if that doesn’t have a link start a thread in the .com forums.

    Thanks, MrMist.

    So are you saying that I cannot purchase this if I have a self-hosted blog? I’m kind of confused. I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there, so sorry if these are dumb questions. 🙂

    I had a designer set up my site and it’s hosted through In Motion.

    Just updated to version 3.0.1 from 2.9 earlier this morning and remembered seeing an upgrades tab then, if I’m not mistaken.



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    I’m not clear on how that would work. There is a plugin here

    To use videos hosted on the Videopress platform, but you would probabyl have to buy the VideoPress option separately, from a blog. The self-hosted WordPress software does not link off to VideoPress.

    Hmmm… I know it can be done, because I’ve seen other support questions from users who have self-hosted blogs.

    I’m totally baffled by this. Seems like it’d be a lot easier to do!

    It sounds like you’re saying I might be able to do this if I set up a free WP blog through, then purchased the plugin and installed it on the dashboard for my blog, is that right?

    If so, hopefully the process of inserting the plugin would be fairly straightforward. I’ve already screwed up my site once by messing with a php file.

    Anyone have any other ideas?


    Okay, just found a video describing how to do this for anyone else who needs this information:

    How-To: VideoPress Integration for Self-Hosted WordPress

    The process seems a bit unwieldy, but apparently you DO have to set up a blog first (which you’ll never use), where you purchase Videopress. This then gives you the ability to install the videopress plugin once you’re logged into your wp-admin dashboard from your self-hosted site.

    From there, go to plugins, add new, type in Videopress and you should see it there to install. You can install it without purchasing, but once you try to use it in a new post, you’ll get a message saying “None of your blogs have the video upgrade.”

    You’ll also need to sync up the two accounts (the video explains how to do this), but then, in an ideal world, you should be good to go.


    Also, it looks like you’ll be uploading your videos to your wp.COM blog (because WP will be hosting them). When you sync up your two blogs, you can choose the video file you need from the media library for your self-hosted blog post.

    The videos on my self-hosted site will be private, which is why I’m going through all this trouble. I’ll also be making my site non-public as well.



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    I am glad you managed to work it out!

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