No updates?

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  • Hi lkeels, I agree with your comment about the upgrade. However since the developer monitors this support thread regularly I am sure that he feels that there is no need to update the plugin since it stills works.

    However it would be great if he could change and say that it is compatible with WordPress 3.5.1. That would help many users who love this plugin and those who are just coming on board.

    Kind regards

    I just read an article that recommends WP-DBManager to optimize my DB daily. Are you saying it DOES work with WP 3.5.1?

    Hello @jockoe, I have tested this plugin in WordPress 3.5.1 without any issues. If you check the plugins performance you will read that 5 people claim it works with 3.5.1 and one person says that it doesn’t work with 3.5.1.

    I would create a backup first just in case something goes wrong and then install the plugin.

    Kind regards

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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