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  • TT update messed up my theme now i got some work ahead of me(exactly what i was trying to avoid doing at this point)

    why is there no undo option just in case something goes berserk in the update process or if user changes their mind?

    you should warn users that there is no backup and turning back once you patch the files.

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  • Plugin Author Peter Butler


    Sorry to hear that happened.

    I agree, an extra warning would be good, and I’ll work on getting that put in, along with a few other updates to the plugin.

    Undoing is possible, and I’ve given it some thought in the past, but I just havent had the time, as it’s not an insignificant amount of work. Where do you put the backup files? How long do you leave them there? Then there’s an interface required to restore them. Keep in mind that they’re vulnerable (thats why we updated them!), so leaving them on the server at all is a risk.

    I think a better solution might be to, when clicking the “update” button, point out that there’s no undo available, and urge them to take a backup right then, just in case.

    Lastly – if you can give me some insight into what exactly broke (a theme? Plugin? Which specifically?), I can hopefully update the plugin to avoid the issue in the future.

    Hi Peter

    the galleries are broken so now instead of pop-up gallery i have just one image which loads into separate page.

    now (since there is no undo) i have to get a new theme, redo the site – that is a massive work i was trying to avoid with a quick patch.

    i cannot advise you on the software end, just can look at it from the users perspective – the way it is now is simply unacceptable in this day and age. free or not.

    i know it it is surely a pain listening to people complaining about the free software, but this simple update turned out to be a time annihilator.

    perhaps a temporary file rename could have done the trick (imho), then if all is fine with the theme, delete them…

    thanks for the effort – we got close but no cigar


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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