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  • Plugin Author Benjamin Intal


    Hi ScrapperMom,

    It was moved to the top of the page. It should be located now at beside the save & cancel.

    On the contrary, I have not taken away any feature from PBS Lite, in fact I’ve been adding in more.

    I’ve been taking user feedback seriously, and a few of them were that the UI needed tweaking. Since then I’ve modified the UI quite a bit, to name some: I moved the shortcodes from having an individual area, into just a single shortcode button alongside the other elements, and the undo & redo buttons have been moved to the top of the admin bar, and the delete button moved to the text formatting for easier access.


    If the button isn’t there, then something may be wrong. What theme are you using?

    Okay, thank you for explaining. I do see the “Undo” button now. Regarding the features being removed, when I first started using this plugin, I loved the way you could adjust the column width, both making them smaller or larger. Now, there is only larger. I primarily use this plugin for table layouts, so that was a loss for me.

    Thank you for responding so quickly.

    Plugin Author Benjamin Intal


    I wanted to cut down in the number of buttons, so instead of having 1 button for the increase and another for decrease, now you can hold CTRL or CMD when clicking on a button and it’ll do a decrease.

    Furthermore, if you hold SHIFT+CTRL or SHIFT+CMD, it’ll reset the button 🙂

    If that isn’t clear I’ll have to add it in the docs too! It’s in the intro tour also and when you hover your mouse over the help button on the upper right, you’ll see tips there 🙂

    Wow, thank you for pointing that out. That’s wonderful! I’ll give it a try the next time I update a page. Also, will check out the tips as well.
    Thank you again!

    Plugin Author Benjamin Intal


    No problem!! Let me know if you have any issues and if you have any feature requests!

    After you’ve tried PBS out, please also leave a rating for the plugin 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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