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  • Hi guys,

    Since the 8th of februari the tweets are not loaded as posts anymore. I’ve see a couple other topics with the same question but no answer which supplied the solution. Click the ‘Download tweets now’-button doesn’t work either.

    Social version: 2.7
    Twitter Tools version: 3.0.3

    Any tips on what to do? Or maybe there is a update coming up?

    Please let me know. Thanks!

    ~ Frank

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  • Lots of people with these issues and never an answer 🙁

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    Hard to “fix” something that works perfectly in all of our testing environments… as you can see, my tweets load up fine:

    At some point, my Twitter Tools stopped updating automatically. I’m running the latest versions of WordPress, Social, and Twitter Tools. Yesterday, I disabled the WP cron-like feature in Social and attempted to set up manual crons, one each for Social and Twitter Tools. My web host is Dreamhost, and I used the Dreamhost Panel to create the two crons. I ran multiple tests, and Twitter Tools didn’t update automatically no matter what I did, so I re-enabled the WP cron-like update in Social while leaving the manual crons active, too. Magically, this morning Twitter Tools is updating as it is/was configured: create a new blog post for every Twitter tweet. Intuition tells me that by dinking with manual crons I woke something up in my hosting environment, like maybe I launched the crond daemon which might have been disabled or permasleeped. But I don’t know enough about hosting to confirm or deny. Maybe others who know more can investigate and add to the body of knowledge surrounding this much loved duo of plugins.

    My twitter feed also does not show up.

    My Twitter Tools plugin stopped working four days ago. Checked with my web host, and they claim not to have made any security changes recently. I enabled the logs and checked them, but since they’re not enabled by default, I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I’m not seeing any blatant authentication errors, but my tweets aren’t pulling in, either.

    Can anyone give a hint about what I’m looking for, so I can use the logs to troubleshoot? Any help would be appreciated.

    For anyone playing along at home, I may have replicated the weird jump-start that Wayne managed to do earlier by setting up a manual cron (although I never did get the syntax quite right, so I wonder if it was a coincidence).

    Now I’m seeing all my tweets (for now) in the Tweets list in the WP UI, and in the wp_posts table, but not all of them make it to post status. Thoughts?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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