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  • Either the new update broke my plugin or the timing of this error is coincidental— I get “No Tweets Available” 9 times out of 10 on my site at the very bottom

    Site has rather low traffic, and it seemed okay once I got the plugin updated but while working on CSS it just suddenly stopped working *most* of the time. Occasionally I will reload the page and see a few tweets. My code:

    <?php echo do_shortcode(' [twitter-widget username="YamamotoIND" hidereplies=false hidefrom=false avatar=small items=7 title=TWITTER showfollow=false showretweets=true showintents=false fetchTimeOut=60 showts=30]'); ?>

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  • Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    Rootside: I haven’t seen any characters that work on Twitter and don’t work with Twitter Widget Pro. But if you find some, let me know.

    I have – I tested it with several different Emoji characters.

    …and it seems to take down the whole output of Twitter Widget Pro: as soon as I posted it, I got ‘No Tweets Available’ on
    Without the Emoji-tweet, the output is fine.

    To be precise: this googly eyes character works (on Twitter) in Tweetbot for Mac, Tweetbot for iOS, and in Safari/Mac. Chrome/Mac displays a rectangle (ie the symbol for an unsupported character), and Firefox/Mac shows the character in the title bar, but a blank space inside the tweet content.

    However, this is somewhat besides the point, because the problem is not really the display of the character itself, but that the whole output in Twitter Widget Pro seems to choke on it.

    I don’t mind if unsupported characters aren’t being displayed – I wouldn’t even mind if the whole tweet gets passed over – but the ‘No Tweets Available’ for the whole batch if just one of them contains an unsupported character, that’s pretty bad, I think.

    Is there anything that can be done?

    It’s definitely the emoji characters that are stopping this whole feed from working. I started suddenly getting the ‘No Tweets Available’ just sitting there after days of it working fine. Saw the post just now from Rootside, deleted the tweet that contained the emoji and its back up and working again. This definitely could do with being fixed if possible please.

    Just to confirm:

    I have kept an eye on it the last few days – the issue is completely reproducible. It’s also consistent with what I first described a week or so ago – it’s just that the problem isn’t the age of a tweet as I first thought, but it seems to be the content.

    I tested with several characters from different sets:

    Probably also worth noting: some people use Emoji in their username.

    Further testing:

    I have set up another test site using a different plugin. It works the same way (API 1.1, app via etc.), displays the same feed, and is set to the same parameters. It handles Emoji characters as expected, i.e. displays them on Safari/Mac, other browsers show an empty character: (Twitter Widget Pro) (alternative)

    Same story on Windows 7: browsers treat Emoji the way they do on Twitter and via the feed, but Twitter Widget Pro displays “No Tweets Available”.

    This is to further show that the issue is with Twitter Widget Pro, and not with the feed that is coming from the Twitter API. I don’t know the ins and outs of handling a feed that contains these characters, but it would be great to get some kind of statement on this.

    Unfortunately I can’t offer any help beyond testing – juggling character sets in JSON feeds is not really my field of expertise.



    No comment at all?

    Emoji is widely used on Twitter, I consider this a serious bug.

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    I have not had a lot of time to work on my plugins over the last several weeks. We’ve been working hard on WordPress 3.6 and on getting the beta ready. Looking into this is on my TODO list, but I have no idea when I’ll get to it.



    Cool, thanks for the update. I understand the nature of these things and I know that people are busy – I was merely wondering if this had slipped under the radar somehow.

    In the meantime, good luck with the rest of 3.6


    “No Tweets Available” also appearing in my Twitter Widget Pro sidebar and “no locks to clear” on the settings page. Widget was working fine for a few months – not sure when this problem started.


    I am also having this issue

    I’m also having this issue, except I don’t know if it’s related to Emoji. Any updates, Aaron? Thanks!

    Just had the same issue with “No Tweets Available” showing up. I noticed that a retweeted tweet contained a square symbol like this -> .

    I unretweeted the tweet and Twitter Widget Pro started to work again as usual. So it must be a problem with the Emoji symbols.

    The cause of my issue was the same as Us44’s. Emoji icons makes the feed stop working and display “No Tweets Available.”

    I have found a solution, that will display the tweets containing emojis. The emoji may display as a white box, but everything else will display properly.

    The emojis were affecting the arrays/transients. In the ‘tlc-transients.php’ file:

    Where there is a set_transient you need to serialize(), base64_encode(), then set_transient() instead.

    Where there is a get_transient you need to get_transient(), base64_decode(), then, unseralize() instead.

    Credit goes to the answer posted here.

    I’m getting the issues with emojis too – there was one in a retweet so I had to unretweet it to get the plugin working again.

    Moondrop can you expand you answer above to explain exactly what lines of code in tlc-transients.php need to change?

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