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  • I have been using Twitter Widget Pro for months now without problem. This morning I looked at my website and it says “No Tweets Available”.

    I know it was working last night and nothing has changed on my end between then and now, so I am not sure why it is no longer working.

    I haven’t used even remotely close to my status rate usage.

    Please help!

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  • Experiencing the same problem. This just occurred in the last 24 hours.

    Rechecked settings for widget and plugin. Also rechecked Twitter App and authorization. Everything seems to be in proper order.

    I am starting to think I need to find a new plug in if this issue isn’t going to be addressed.

    Like juusui, I also rechecked the widget, plugin, twitter app and authorization and everything is good, except all I am getting is “no tweets available”.

    juusui, have you had any luck getting this to work again?

    It comes and goes. Last night, the feed was available. Today, it is not.

    Same here… getting the same message on my feed.

    It would suck if I would have to wait til Monday to have it resolved.
    Does Support work on the weekends/???

    Its definitely not coming from Twitter’s end… I threw on my back-up (you shoud always have a backup widget for times like this) and the back up twitter is working flawlessly.

    I agree, not Twitter. I searched around for a new Twitter feed and tried several out in the process with no problem.

    I am not sure there is support at all.

    It seems that it works more when I keep down the number of calls to Twitter. Right now, I have the widget running on the home page with only the last three tweets showing.

    I’ve had no problem getting this to work consistently on a test site. But the test site has no traffic and the site I’m having a problem with has plenty of traffic.

    One page with three tweets is not great, but it’s all we need, for now. So, I’m letting it ride to see how long it will work with this configuration.

    By the way, I’ve had the opportunity to meet the developer a few times. He’s a good dev and a good guy. I even asked him about this plugin at WCSF.

    Unfortunately, it appears there is just not a lot of support for this plugin at the moment – as evidenced by the lack of resolved threads. Of course, it’s popular and it’s free. That’s not always easy to support. I’m sure the problems will be shored up, just not sure when.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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