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    Your recent update (3.6.0) just broke every slider on multiple clients’ websites. The .flexslider class now forces a white background and border around each slider, instead of the transparent background and no border of previous versions.

    Good thing I test it on staging servers before implementing an update automatically.

    This change has a huge impact on existing sites.

    I suggest you reconsider the settings as very few people want a forced border/background on their sliders.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    Hi @bluebearmedia,

    We updated the FlexSlider library to the current version which I’m guessing switched to a white background by default. We’re planning to ship out future sliders with a base neutral theme but I’ll take care to not alter existing sliders. Sometimes it’s not easy to avoid when someone has custom css applied though. I apologize for that.

    Was the only issue you had with the background and border? If you can’t add in css easily, you can add this to functions.php or somewhere similar:

    add_filter('metaslider_css', 'bluebearmedia_update_ms_css');
    function bluebearmedia_update_ms_css() {
        return '.flexslider {background:transparent;}';

    Just make sure you add the border too

    I’ve not customized metaslider CSS on any of my client sites that would impact that (the transparency was needed on all of them – ie, inheriting the existing background).

    It’s actually the .flexslider class itself that is hard-coding a white background/border in its definition.

    The code change involved is minor, but multipled by the number of clients sites I’d need to update, I’ll just hold-off on the updating the Meta-Slider plug-in until the background is no longer forced!

    Thanks for the quick response, though!!

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    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    @bluebearmedia, sure thing! Thanks for being patient. We’ll try to get a new update out this week or early next.

    Is there a css fix for this to make the background transparent?

    The broken functionality and styles after the update. I can’t imagine how many client’s websites will be impacted if somebody decides to update it.

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    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    @edpaffjr, apologies for that. We will fix it in the next update. In the meantime yes, you can add this:

    add_filter('metaslider_css', 'edpaffjr_update_ms_css');
    function edpaffjr_update_ms_css() {
        return '.flexslider {background:transparent;}';

    Is it possible to download a previous version until a correction of it? As Legends of each image also experienced a problem. There are 20 items without a slider, only one caption of 1 is superimposed on all others.

    The solution did not resolve the background color: / (in my case)

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    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf



    If you want to send me a link I can take a look.

    We have a fix in the queue now and it will be updated sooner than later. Besides the background and border, is there another issue? I’m not sure what you mean about the captions.

    In each image there is a text. But you will notice that only the text of an image that overlaps the others appears.

    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf



    you can change the above to background:transparent!important; to force the transparent background.

    Here in full:

    add_filter('metaslider_css', 'obmor_update_ms_css');
    function obmor_update_ms_css() {
        return '.flexslider {background:transparent!important;}.flexslider .slides > li {position:relative;}';

    Thanks @kbatdorf!

    It was right !!

    How would you edit the code to fix the border too?

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    After the background rule, you can add the border too. border:0

    But actually if you want to wait a little bit we are sending out an update any moment now. Within the hour.

    Sorry everyone else who experienced this. Thanks for the feedback and your patience!

    Thanks for the quick response and timely version upgrade!

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