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  • It is likely that I am missing something, and if so, I am happy to be corrected. I cannot seem to find a toolbar at all if I switch to the “Code Editor” mode. Is this how it is meant to be?

    In the Classic Editor if I click on the “Text Editor” instead of the “Visual Editor” I see buttons up top to do things like adding links, or bullet lists, or making text bold / italicized (not the full kitchen-sink version that comes with TinyMCE, but a basic stripped down version like the one we see atop the textarea when we create a forum support request or review here). But I see no equivalent when I switch to the “Code Editor”.

    If this is intentional this is a severe design shortcoming. My guess is that there is still a sizeable population that uses the “Text Editor” and not the TinyMCE editor, and for them this just adds to the amount of time it takes to write something.

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    These have been intentionally removed at this time. The discussion around them can be found at

    It is unlikely that we will see these introduced before WordPress 5.0 is released, they may be introduced at a later date, but for the most part it’s now labeled as “Code Editor”, instead of “Text”, so I feel we’re setting expectations for that mode a bit higher than previously and users that utilize it may need a bit more knowledge of general markup if they wish to use it directly. (at least this is how I view it and rationalize it as to why we won’t be focusing hard on it before the first release, but as mentioned, this may change in the future)

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