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  • hi,
    i am working on running sideways as website.
    if y go from dashboard through ‘visit site’ button to see mi site, there is no toolbar with button s loke “edit page” to get me back to dashboard. help!

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  • Don’t quite get what you mean, but you can always access the dashboard by going to

    yes, but it would be much more convenient having the toolbar on the upper part of my site (the same way like i have it while working pon the dashboard), witha button for me, the owner to go back to the dashboard.
    but meanwhile i have read about thios problem here on the forum, it seems that it happens often – however at this point i can not resolve it, it seems that it need som more knowledge about wordpress and my theme, Sideways (by Eugenio)



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    What happens if you switch to the default 2012 theme?

    Is the toolbar activated in the “Your profile” tab?
    Show Toolbar when viewing site must be ticked. If it is and still doesn’t show on front-end then you should contact the theme author.

    Other possibilities how admin bar get hidden is:

    1. if the function show_admin_bar( false ); is called from theme’s functions.php file

    2. Or it’s called by a plugin, so you might want to disable all the plugins to see if it solves the issue

    3. And of course, from the Profile settings like X Media posted above.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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