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    Hi, I’m using the plugin with “replace default WordPress player” option, I find it fantastic. My only issue is song titles don’t show on playlist items

    I use standard playlist insertion in wordpress, but when mb.miniaudioplayer is activated, the song titles don’t show anymore in the playlistitems, only one at a time in the player interface.

    I have some screenshots if it can help :
    Playlist without titles (except in the player, the song name is obfuscated on purpose)

    view of WordPress Editor
    Options part 1
    Options part 2
    Options part 3

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    Can anybody tell me if it’s the same for them ?

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    the normal behavior of the plug-in in case is used to replace the default WP audio player is to show the audio titles as shown below:

    correct display

    Do you have the front end URL where this happens?

    You can try unchecking the “Get the title from meta-data” option. You should also remove the “download_button” property in the playlist short-code…

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    Thanks, looks like something is wrong on my end, I’ll try to narrow it down.

    The site is a member-only intranet but I can give you temporary access if you have the time to check.

    I unticked “get title from metadata” and removed the useless “download_button” property (sorry about that…) but nothing changed.

    However I did some tests, and the plugin shows all info with other mp3’s, even when they have exactly the same name and metadata.

    The only ones displaying the issue are 90 min long live recordings over 64MB ; they couldn’t be added directly to the media library, instead they were uploaded through FTP and then added using the Media from FTP plugin

    My guess is something is not standard about this last step, should I look in the database ?

    The titles all display correctly in the stock wordpress playlist however (plugin disabled).

    Thanks again

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    Here are some postmeta records you might find interesting :

    postmeta contents : 
    353 (big file, no display)
    a:19:{s:10:"dataformat";s:3:"mp3";s:8:"channels";i:2;s:11:"sample_rate";i:44100;s:7:"bitrate";i:256000;s:11:"channelmode";s:12:"joint stereo";s:12:"bitrate_mode";s:3:"cbr";s:8:"lossless";b:0;s:15:"encoder_options";s:6:"CBR256";s:17:"compression_ratio";d:0.18140589569160998;s:10:"fileformat";s:3:"mp3";s:8:"filesize";i:159349679;s:9:"mime_type";s:10:"audio/mpeg";s:6:"length";i:4980;s:16:"length_formatted";s:7:"1:23:00";s:5:"album";s:24:"Live@Ermitage Avril 2017";s:12:"track_number";s:1:"2";s:6:"artist";s:20:"Surnatural Orchestra";s:5:"title";s:26:"Surnat Ermitage Avril 2017";s:4:"file";s:38:"2017/06/Surnat-Ermitage-Avril-2017.mp3";}
    398 (small file, display OK)
    a:17:{s:10:"dataformat";s:3:"mp3";s:8:"channels";i:2;s:11:"sample_rate";i:44100;s:7:"bitrate";i:256000;s:11:"channelmode";s:12:"joint stereo";s:12:"bitrate_mode";s:3:"cbr";s:8:"lossless";b:0;s:15:"encoder_options";s:6:"CBR256";s:17:"compression_ratio";d:0.18140589569160998;s:10:"fileformat";s:3:"mp3";s:8:"filesize";i:129166;s:9:"mime_type";s:10:"audio/mpeg";s:6:"length";i:4;s:16:"length_formatted";s:4:"0:04";s:5:"title";s:5:"test1";s:6:"artist";s:10:"soundcheck";s:5:"album";s:0:"";}
    304 (small file, dummy name, display OK)
    a:18:{s:10:"dataformat";s:3:"mp3";s:8:"channels";i:2;s:11:"sample_rate";i:44100;s:7:"bitrate";i:256000;s:11:"channelmode";s:12:"joint stereo";s:12:"bitrate_mode";s:3:"cbr";s:8:"lossless";b:0;s:15:"encoder_options";s:6:"CBR256";s:17:"compression_ratio";d:0.18140589569160998;s:10:"fileformat";s:3:"mp3";s:8:"filesize";i:150876;s:9:"mime_type";s:10:"audio/mpeg";s:6:"length";i:5;s:16:"length_formatted";s:4:"0:05";s:5:"title";s:26:"Xurnat Ermitage Avril 2017";s:5:"album";s:24:"Xive@Ermitage Avril 2017";s:12:"track_number";s:1:"2";s:6:"artist";s:20:"Xurnatural Orchestra";}
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    Quick update, removing and re-importing the same files to the database made everything work again. First I suspected Media from FTP plugin and tried re-importing the audio files using Add From Server whiwh worked OK ; to make sure I removed the files and imported them again using Media From FTP, and it worked again. This was dons with the same files moved around on the server side, no re-uploading through FTP occured.

    So the mystery is not solved but my issue is gone, there was probably a glitch during import the first time.

    Great great plugin, thanks again.

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