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    Hi all,

    Having a bit of an issue, I was hoping somebody might be able to shed a bit of light on the problem.

    I’m using wp-tile with a theme called JPhotolio to create a responsive website for my company. Link to my workings so far is below

    As you’ll see if you browse onto that is 2 wp-tile sections which work fantastically when you first load it up (albeit a bit slow perhaps due to using high resolution images but I’ll sort that later down the line) – problem I’m having is that when you load another page, then either hit the browser back button or click the logo in the top left the tile sections then fail to load for reasons that escape me.

    Anybody have any idea why this might be happening? I’m lacking in knowledge to properly diagnose this issue, I’m not au fait with diagnostic tools at all and I don’t really know what I’m looking for to be honest.

    I suspect the problem may well be to do with how the page itself is created, I’ve told wordpress to use a static homepage and because I’m having some trouble getting wp-tile (through no fault of it’s own of course) to expand past the confines of the post width, what I’ve done is to create a custom template with wp-tile in a div called through PHP and do_shortcode which looks like this:

    * @author jegbagus
    if(!jisAjax()) {
    } else {
    <div id="tiles-homepage"><?php echo do_shortcode('[wp-tiles]');?></div>
    { get_template_part( "includes/page-template" );
    if(!jisAjax()) {

    As you can tell by this point, I’m not great with this, I’m fine with a bit of CSS and what have you but this is way out of my league – that being said, if anyone can see any elementary errors there and I can get this sorted then I’m really not that far away from having a working site.

    If anyone needs anything further from me then please just ask and I will do my best.

    Thank you kindly in advance for any help you may be able to offer.


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  • Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hi Rob,

    The problem is that your theme loads in pages through AJAX. This means that the page is not fully refreshed, and javascripts that are normally executed on pageload don’t get loaded. WP Tiles amongst them.

    I don’t know there are any settings for this in the theme – I know that with some one-click AJAX plugins, you can set up what functions get executed after the page loads. That’s only half of the solution though: after this you would need to get the information displayed on the tiles from somewhere. I’m sure it could be done, but I’m afraid it requires some serious tinkering.
    Alternatively.. perhaps the theme has a setting somewhere to disable AJAX for specific pages. You could set it to not use AJAX when the url the home page.. (not very elegant, but the easiest way out).

    Then, just a slight improvement, you can use the function the_wp_tiles() directly, instead of echo do_shortcode('[wp-tiles]');.

    Good luck!

    Ah. Good stuff!

    I’ll have a look into it then, at least I know what the problem is now.

    Thanks so much for your advice.

    Kind regards,


    And with one click, the problem was solved.

    Setting in the back end called Curtain Mode, didn’t mention AJAX but it was the only one that related to how a page loads, turned it off and it’s working fine now!

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hurray! One-click is the best way to fix things 😉

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