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  • I need your help! I-ve installed your template from but I don’t get the thumbails of the pictures insides the post on the index of the blog, just the text. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance!

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  • Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    You should post a link to the theme (these are not called templates in WP) and post a link to your site.

    I think I have the same problem there are no thumbnails in the posts on the homepage? My site is

    Posted below is from the description of the Theme:

    “This theme has a CSS dropdown menu set in reverse order and works best with the Thumbnails for Excerpts plugin by Radu Capan. Largely inspired by European POP art, this theme is a labour of love. Pieces of code borrowed from all over. The key feature to this theme is the homepage excerpts with randomly generated coloration. It’s a real threat to minimalist design and general organic creativity. It’s automated and audacious.”

    As stated above and in the theme, “Thumbnails for Excerpts” plugin is needed for images to appear in excerpts.

    u need to use the plugin

    “Thumbnails for Excerpts”

    and it will work.

    joe ! u hv a lot of category
    can u edit index.php and remove code to show category ?
    or edit CSS and make the box larger 🙂

    well ! m not associated with the theme developer. so limited help 🙂

    It would be more helpful if you had documentation with this.. because we’ll need to edit things to suit our own sites. I tried the “Thumbnail for Exerpts” and it isn’t working. Is there any reason it may not work do you think?

    Just donwloaded on 08/02/09 and I really dig this theme!

    Out of the box this theme worked very well when using firefox on eith a Mac or a PC and showed thumbnails w/o using the plugin above. The theme was a bit buggy using IE8 and Safari 4…

    Long story short, in order to properly use the “Thumbnails for Excerpts” plugin, you will need to edit the functions and remove or comment out this line “print “$thumb<img src=’$thumb’ class=’thumbnail’ />”;”, when NOT using the plugin… it shows a tiny broken image to right of thumbnail. (FYI – most of my posts have images inserted in the posts)

    If you attempt to use Thumbnails for Excerpts plugin w/o making this adjustments your home page will not look correct and show duplicate thumbnail images.

    After removing or commenting out the above line, activate the plugin and it should work…

    Again, love this theme, it takes a little work to get to render correctly on most browsers…

    Good luck!

    BTW – is interested, please check out this theme:

    if you find something odd, give me a shout!

    Thank you, theunartist

    I was pulling out my hair trying to figure out why there were duplicate and broken thumbnails on posts with and without the plugin installed.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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