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    if you are using the “Featured Image” for the posts thumbnails, then the plugin should pick it up. But, if you are using a custom post thumbnail solution (like one that came with a theme) then the plugin can’t *see* the thumbnail since it only looks at the “Featured Image” set on the post.

    I don’t use “featured image” in my posts, but the option for setting featured image does exist in my WP dashboard (which might suggest that my theme supports it, but I am not sure).

    There is a plugin that can turn the first image from every post into the featured image for that post ( but it seems that that plugin generates featured images only when they are called within the posts. I installed it and it didn’t replace the default wordpress thumbs in the Popular Posts Tabbed Widget.

    Is there any way to make this work somehow?

    Plugin Author Ryann Micua


    you’re right, that plugin will just display a “featured image” using the first image it *sees* in the post but it doesn’t actually SET a featured image for that post.

    try this instead

    I haven’t tried it though but it seems to do what you’re looking for. also, check out the “Gen. Post Thumbnails” command for that plugin. just read the whole description.

    The plugin you suggested (Auto post thumbnail) works very well and now I can see the thumbs in the widget – thanks!

    The only thing that I am still not completely happy about is that I can’t see the names of the other tabs except for the currently selected one. For instance, if I select the “Popular” tab in the widget I can’t see “Comments” and “Recent” tabs. I can see “Comments” and “Recent” if I select them or mouse over them.

    I suspect this is some css issue. Any idea how this can be fixed?


    Just to clarify the previous statement – I can’t see the title “Comments” and “Recent” if the “Popular” tab is selected.

    In other words, the font color is probably the same as the background color and that makes the titles of the tabs unreadable, except the currently selected one.

    Yes it is a CSS issue.

    Put this in your Custom CSS file:

    #sidebars a {
    color: #999;

    That would fix the invisibility of the rest of the tabs, but in that case every other text that is displayed in the sidebars (categories, tags, monthly archives etc.) is displayed in that darker color (#999) which doesn’t look too good. You can see how it looks at the moment… a bit too dark for my taste.

    Is there a way to change the background color for the top horizontal bar of the widget itself (where the tabs are located)? Currently it is set to white color, and if we could change it to, e.g. some darker shade of gray then white text would be readable on the widget…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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