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  • Hello, I’m just using WordPress for the first time. I’ve installed it on the site and am having problems with the Themes.

    In the admin site, when I go to the “Presentation” tab, no themes show up for the Current Theme and Available Themes.

    When I select “Theme Editor”, it gives me this error: “The requested theme does not exist.”

    When I look in my file structure, all the theme folders seem in the right location. Since the Presentation page doesn’t show the “default” and “classic” themes that are installed by default, I think there’s something wrong.

    So basically I cannot change anything regarding the theme or presentation.

    Please help!

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  • silvarilon


    I have this exact same problem. Any ideas, anyone?



    After upgrading to 2.3 and moving my themes from local to the host, I now cannot save theme edits and I get the “The requested theme does not exist.” page.

    I have set the permissions of the theme folder to RW. Now the changes happen but the editor page does not return. I just get the “The requested theme does not exist.” page still.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I think I am going to try to “re-upgrade”.



    Just to make sure, the file structure should look something like this:
    WordPress Directory
    >>>other themes

    Is this what you have?



    @develguy. I have the same problem. I have just upgraded for 2.3 using the wordpress automatic plugin. All the features work fine, except the theme editor. I installed a new theme and when I tried to modify I received the error message: The requested theme does not exist.”

    Anyone knows the problem? Is the theme bad or the wordpress 2.3? How can I solve this issue? Thanks

    When I upgraded to v2.3, I started having errors with themes not displaying some of the times and a blank white page is shown where my site should be. When I go to “edit theme” it says “the requested theme does not exist”. I go to “themes” and find that none of the themes are selected. I re-select the theme I’d selected before and everything is fine, except it keeps getting unselected.

    Have just made the 2.3.1 download and installed on server. All good and am able to view admin however am not able to select even the basic theme in the Presentation tab.

    Says that template is missing. Sigh. Can see that it is there and when I view postings they are formatted with basic theme.
    When I “view” site I go to a blank page.

    I resolved this by reinstalling all wordpress files again. Something must have corrupted during the FTP process. Can now view basic themes and select as normal.

    “View Site” also correctly links to my blog homepage.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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