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  1. marikamitsos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi all,
    Up till wp2.9.2 in my themes section I would find a notification like this whenever there was an update for a theme existing in the theme directory of wordpress.org.
    What I get now is this. NO updates notification.
    On the theme directory the version is twentyten 1.1 but on my site there is NO update notification. And this happens with ALL the themes. I have to FIND and DEACTIVATE from ALL blogs, keep NOTES, DELETE the theme, UPLOAD the new version and REACTIVATE from my notes whereever I deactivated it from. WOW
    Am I missing something?

    I think there should be a notification available on the super-admin->themes section in order to do this (similar to plugins notification maybe?). Am I wrong? Is there a plugin to do this maybe?

    Thank you for any help

  2. cmunns
    Posted 4 years ago #

    There is an "Update" section in the Super Admin. Although it doesn't indicate updates I do believe it updated my default theme 1.1 on my test user site.

    Give it a shot.

  3. The Updates under Super Admin is only for after you do a core upgrade.

    /wp-admin/update-core.php is what you're looking for. It lists all themes and plugins that need to be updated.

  4. marikamitsos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanx for the quick replies.
    I am afraid none of your suggestions would work though:
    @cmunns: The button looks too scary. Has no details of what will be updated. Will that be all my plugins + all the themes + the core? I don't want that. There are plugins that work better on outdated versions

    @Andrea_r: There is the option (bottom of page) about themes. But reads: "Your themes are all up to date." And that IS wrong.

    Any other ideas?
    Thanx again

  5. Did you disable auto-updates?

    Also, for the Super Admin -Update button, you only click that *after* you perform an upgrade of WordPress core. It will step through each blog and update the db. See the help text on that screen. ;)

  6. marikamitsos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Did you disable auto-updates?

    What do you mean Andrea? I haven;t disabled anything.

    See the help text on that screen. ;)

    I know. But it does not help cause the themes "pretend" to be up to date, so they do not appear on the list as the not updated plugins do.
    what it says is:

    Your themes are all up to date.

    That is exactly my issue.
    I tell you they live amongst us. Am I the only one seeing the ghosts????? lol

  7. Don't worry, you're not alone. Three out of the four blogs that I manage automatically updated Twenty Ten without a problem, but the fourth never displayed that an update was available. After waiting over 48 hours, I just deleted existing Twenty Ten and installed the new version via the Appearance section in the admin panel.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find a cause for the discrepancy short of the fact that Twenty Ten was active on the blog in question.

    Update: It looks like this was reported as a bug and will be fixed by WP 3.0.1:


  8. marikamitsos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thank you James
    I was going nuts here.
    You see this hapens to all three installations of mine of wordpress3.0
    And even when I would deactivate the themes (twentyten or whichever). I guess I will have to wait for 3.01
    Thanx again

  9. You're welcome!

  10. marikamitsos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @ James:

    I just upgraded to WordPress 3.0.1 hoping for the fix.
    Unfortunately the problem still remains. :-(
    So I feel this topic should NOT be set to resolved

  11. Try switching to a different theme, then see if the update is shown as available.

  12. marikamitsos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @ James:

    I did a new install, switched to a different theme, deleted twentyten 1.1, uploaded an older version, and finally the update showed up.
    I also have other themes installed. eg: 2010 Weaver 1.1.2
    Unfortunately they show no upgrades (the repository shows 2010 Weaver 1.1.7)

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