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  • I know this has come up in some ancient threads but no solid answers it seems… esp. not recently.

    I have the very latest WP 3.5 installed and am using the newest Starkers theme and the site has basically no content and only two plugins installed – Disqus and LockOut. Very bare bones at this point. And only using an admin account.

    I have created more than 50 tags to use but when I create a new post and go to “Tags > Choose from the most used tags” I get the error “No tags found!”

    I am perplexed but imagine the answer lies with a plugin conflict but that didn’t seem to be it.

    Is it because I created the tags all at once using the Tags page itself via “Add New Tag” and not one by one within each post? That can’t possibly be it, can it?

    Anyone else experiencing this issue with 3.5? Do I require a dunce cap? Stay tuned.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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  • I’m going to bet that you haven’t assigned any of the tags to any of the posts yet. Why do I think that? Easy. You’re looking for “most used tags” so when you haven’t actually assigned any tags to any posts, nothing has been used, and nothing will show up in the list. Throw a few tags onto couple of posts, and you’ll see that the tags start showing up in that area.

    Thanks for the reply. Fair enough, the wording is clear and I haven’t used any tags yet as you’ve pointed out.

    However, we are given the ability to ‘add new tags’ within the tags panel and yet no ability to draw on that tag list within a post page in the tags widget? Doesn’t that seem a little odd? I want to use the same tags to keep things consistent so the last thing I want to do is try to remember the tags and start creating similar duplicates; bit of a mess eventually.

    I haven’t ever created all of the tags first in the tags panel so seeing nothing in the tags widget was a bit of a surprise I guess.

    So the answer is go ahead and create tags in its panel but keep a list handy and retype them in manually within each post. Even then though, only the ‘most used’ will be available to you in future posts.

    Yes, it’s very odd, but that’s how WP works. I’d prefer to be able to choose from a list of tags too, but it seems that’s not the way that it’s been built.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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