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  1. Trauts
    Posted 7 years ago #

    When I open Dashboard, the only tab I have is 'Profile'. How do I access the rest?

  2. Len
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Are you using any plugins that style the Admin area?

  3. richarduk
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Is it set up so that you have full admin rights? If not, are you using a login / password that doesn't have full admin rights?

  4. Trauts
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thanks for the quick response.
    I've not had a chance to set up any plugins yet. I should have full admin rights, but apparently don't.
    I just checked my inbox and tried again with the password sent by wp - no access. I can access with a different password, so probably have inadvertently changed something.
    Any ideas?

  5. richarduk
    Posted 7 years ago #

    No :-)

    If it's a new site, start again ie reinstall. Get into your database via your hosts control panel to back it up first, though.

    Once reinstalled, try importing this. You might have to go through your backed up file changing all the instances of your old password to your new password though.

    But that's a last resort. I tend to get to the last resort pretty quickly in a case similar to the one you're describing. Been there, done that, got totally frustrated.

    Alternatively, if there's not many posts, manually copy and paste as a way of saving them.

  6. bisonfute
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello I have exactly the same problem after my 2.3.2 upgrade.
    Anyone solve it ?


  7. bisonfute
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi, I found the solution to my problem.
    Actually, I was moving my blog from one host to another one and I had changed my table prefix.

    That was the problem, follow the instructions there and everything will be OK !

    Hope this help!

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