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  • Plugin Author helgatheviking


    It wasn’t a known bug, but it appears to be a bug nonetheless.

    Please download the latest version here:

    and let me know if that solves it for you. If so, I will push it live to the WP repo.

    Just tried the new version. It works for the default “Category” taxonomy only. Won’t work for custom taxonomies.

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    Is working here for my test custom taxonomy:

    What does your register_taxonomy() code look like? RBfT now respects the show_admin_column parameter, so if that is false quick edit won’t work.

    Are you seeing columns for the taxonomy at all? How are they added?

    I created these custom taxonomies with the Types plugin. I don’t see the show_admin_column parameter in its settings screen though :/

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    This appears to not be a problem with RBfT. show_admin_column is false by default:

    Therefore my plugin won’t change the column until it is added. I decided not to go all willy-nilly adding columns unless they were specifically added by the user.

    Potential solutions:

    1. As the Types developers to include this option. There are some filters in their code that might help, I’m not sure and can’t test.

    2. Add the column yourself. There are plenty of tuts on the subject:

    3. Register the taxonomy yourself. There’s a good example in the codex and even a generator here:

    Thanks a lot. I have notified Types devs about this and they should add that option. Your plugin is working fine, the issue is with Types.

    Hi Helga and Hassan,

    I also am using the Types plugin with the RDfT plugin, and i’m not sure if this is the same issue, but i can see my radio buttons in the quick edit list, but they always default to none selected, and this taxonomy cannot be updated from the quick edits screen, and also shows incorrect selection.

    Is this the same issue you were discussing, and if so, Hassan, did Types resolve it, and is there something i can do to get the quick edit options working?

    thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    It seems like it is not the exact same issue, but rather a new conflict with Types. I suspect their markup might be a little different from the default. Unfortunately I do not have time to test it at the moment.

    No problem, Thanks for responding Helga. I will use a radio button custom field for now. If you ever do look into it, and remember this thread, it would be great to know 🙂

    oceanazul, as helga noted, this is a different issue, however I am also experiencing it. I am not sure who’s the culprit here, but I did not bother to try and look into it since I can assign/change taxonomies from the post edit screen itself. Takes more clicks, yes, but works.

    Ok, Thanks Hassan for responding. I resorted to the Custom Field workaround, since I am handing the site off to a client eventually and they will be confused by the radio buttons not working in quick edit screen. I will post here if i do discover a fix in the future 🙂

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    Would you dig in with dev tools or firebug and tell me what the column header looks like for the custom taxonomy?

    For example on the edit.php screen, the Categories column looks like this:

    <th scope="col" id="categories" class="manage-column column-categories" style="">Categories</th>

    Hi Helga—Yes i will try and find that out and report back.

    Hi, I also use Types plugin. My quick edit work great!
    But when I try to edit multiple posts at a time (Bulk actions), it dont work. Is this a known limitation or a bug?
    Thank you! 🙂

    Your quick edit works? Hmm… that’s strange.I do have a lot of other plugins, so perhaps one of those is the culprit.

    Shadowshades—when you are viewing the quick edit screen, you are able to make changes to the radio selection, and those changes are saved, yes?

    I will give Helga the info she requested as soon as I have a moment. i’m working on a deadline this week so it will be a few days.

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