• Hi,

    I want to test your plugin on my big website but have problem with mobile, have right sidebar on article and impossible to set it until I delete it.

    Then I want test is on other website, smallest, for find how to set it with it’s complicated setting, , but can’t activate it.

    And I don’t find any place where I can find support, only here.

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  • Plugin Author socialdude


    Did you already get this plugin https://www.ultimatelysocial.com/usm-premium/? It includes separate icon placement for mobile (then it always works) and includes support as well.

    If you already got it: please raise a support ticket at the top of the plugin’s settings page. Only the free plugin is supported in this forum, not the premium one.

    Thread Starter Pierre236



    Yes I buy pro but I have no access to setting page, I just see:

    “Get started by entering your license key here”

    And the license key don’t work, certainly because I install it first on another website.

    In the other website I set icon for mobile but it put icon on text, then visitor can’t read under, and when I try to change setting and delete all the cache, icon stay then I must delete plugin.

    I don’t know if you have special cache for your plugin, but if yes, you must add button easily accessible on the top for delete it!

    And it can be good to set plugin for make it don’t appear on text in mobile version, nobody like that!

    I don’t try free version, just see many good comment for it, then II think it’s good and professional plugin, but it is not.

    I need to understand all complicated setting first and try it before put it on website where I need it.

    Plugin Author socialdude


    Ok if you have the premium plugin already, please shoot us an email at:

    help (at) ultimatelysocial (dot) com

    Then we can help you quickly. The premium plugin isn’t supported in these forums.

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