• After trying to set this up and use it for a couple of hours I realised it doesn’t support revisions to pages made with the Elementor page builder. I guess it also doesn’t support other builders.

    That’s a shame, but OK – I just can’t use it.

    However the reason for me giving it just three stars isn’t that lack of support, but that there was no indication of that and I was able to do a revision using this, but in doing so the original page formatting and styles (created using Elementor) were lost.

    Page builders seem to be the thing now and I would guess that most people wanting to use a tool like this would be using one.

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  • Plugin Author publishpress


    Hi @nickrice. I’m sorry you marked us down for that.

    Over the last couple of months we’ve worked hard to bring this plugin back to life. At the moment Revisionary does only support the WordPress core, plus some features of Beaver Buider.

    Elementor and other page builders are big, complex plugins. They often have their own revision systems that are completely different from the WordPress core.

    Support for more page builders is coming in the future.

    Thread Starter nickrice


    I thought I made it clear that I DID NOT mark down for you not supporting builders.

    It was that it took me a couple of hours to work that out for myself, including it messing up a page (though of course I didn’t use a live page).

    If there was a clear note that currently you just support wordpress core, then I wouldn’t have spent the time. It just needs that sentence from your reply putting into the main description.

    My comment on page builders at the end was just that – a comment that was meant to be helpful. The target market for this must be serious sites operated by a team. They are surely the least likely not to be using a builder these days. That might change as Gutenberg matures.

    I couldn’t give it more stars because I didn’t see it work. The only alternative was to leave no review at all, but felt that the lack of support for builders and the fact that it could mess up a page if you tried to use it with one might help someone else avoid that.

    Plugin Author publishpress


    OK, we hear you @nickrice

    The Revisionary feature list does say this:

    “Schedule or Request changes to published posts and pages using the Gutenberg Editor (or Classic Editor)”

    If it need to be expanded to explictly rule out what we DON’T support, we can do that.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @nickrice, in the interest of making this communication truly useful, can you confirm that the acceptable behavior you would require of the plugin is:

    a) Detect that the front end URL you are accessing is in fact an unsupported page builder.

    b) Inject a warning caption (appropriately styled) into that front end page, indicating that moderated revisions are not supported.

    c) If the warning is overlooked or ignored, block pending revision submission, providing a message explaining the situation (but accounting for the possibility that the save attempt is via wp-api).

    d) Moving forward, maintain the list of unsupported page builders which this positive matching must be applied to.

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