• meserlian


    It is the official plugin yet still does not support GA4

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  • Plugin Support James Osborne


    Sorry to hear you’re unhappy with how the plugin operates with Google Analytics 4 properties. While we don’t provide full support just yet it is possible to implement Google Analytics 4 your site by connecting the Tag Manager module to a container with a GA4 Configuration tag, or by manually inserting your GA4 snippet alongside a manually added snippet.

    We have some information on this on the plugins website. We plan on providing further Site Kit integration with Google Analytics 4 going forward, as more users make use of this new Analytics property type. You’ll find out more on this on the plugins GitHub repository.

    If you like I’d be happy to ensure you can setup your site with a Universal Tracking snippet alongside a Google Analytics 4 snippet? If so please state which method you would prefer to use.

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