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    Google Analytics is sunsetting the universal tracking on 1st July 2023 and new accounts are now by default GA4. It seems that Analytify plugin currently works only with the universal tracking code (I tried to set up Google Analytics 4 account only but I could not link the profiles to the profile tab until I created an account that has both universal and GA4 properties).

    When are you planning to add support for Google Analytics 4 accounts? It seems that your plugin will stop working in a few months and I am wondering if I should consider other solutions at this point.

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  • Plugin Author Adnan


    @nravota12 Hey!

    We are working on GA4 integration with Analytify and will release at-least before Google Analytics team sunset UA Tracking.

    It involves heavy testing as a lot of moving parts there and We are finalizing it … will release before than that, as soon as It is 100% done testing.

    This was promised as in a week in the beginning of Feb. I think that they do not have the resources to keep the plugin up to date.

    Plugin Author Adnan


    Hello @hguenther @nravota12 ,

    Google just approved our app with new scopes which were required for GA4. Analytify should be working fine now with the current version and new version which is going to be released soon 😉

    Stay tuned.

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