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  1. Darren_S
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Is there anyone out there knowledgeable enough with the code guts to help support FeedWordPress? (The add-on's creator seems to have gone a bit AWOL.)

    I have need of a fix that, if I knew where in the code to snip, seems like it could be fairly simple. The problem is that FWP is continually re-importing news items from feeds, and overwriting any changes that I have made. If I edit a title or description, change a category, etc., my changes get blown away when FWP looks at the RSS feed again 10 minutes later.

    I need to tweak the code so that it does NOT re-import a news item that already exists in the database -- preferably keyed to the URL, since I occasionally edit titles.

    (If anyone can make this thing work, I'm happy to pay a little thank-you.) Thank you!

  2. mikey1
    Posted 8 years ago #

    i would also love to hear if this plugin gets an overhaul.
    I've stopped using feeds for this pluginit, because it was conflicting with widgets in2.5.1
    there is also a plugin which is supposed to filter duplicate feeds
    for this plugin.
    hope it gets looked at as it was very useful
    all the best. mike

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