• I purchased this product as the free version seemed to suit my needs, but I wanted some of the premium features (namely importing from S3 storage). Unfortunately the feature only imported the first 999 files from any one folder, although there is nothing in the Media Cloud documentation that mentions this.

    I logged a support ticket on the MediaCloud website within 24 hours of purchasing the product. After 2 weeks of multiple follow ups and no reply, I then lodged a support ticket via the Freemius website. After a week and another follow up, I’ve still received no reply.

    I’ve cancelled my monthly subscription, and I doubt I’ll get my money back as I’m outside their “7 day money-back guarantee” period (no thanks to the lack of response from support).

    A real shame, as the product would have done exactly what I needed it to, but I’ve got over 1,000,000 media files that I need to import and I don’t want to spend the next few months doing this in small batches.

    Stay away from premium versions product if you require any support response. If the free version does what you need, then stick with it.

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    • This topic was modified 7 months, 3 weeks ago by qbanshee.
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  • I wrote an ugly bash script to take a file name (abcde.jpg) and create a/b/abcde.jpg in order to work around the 999 object limit. I just started to modify the script to handle more than a 2 level deep subdirectory system.


    I also changed to putting new uploads into Y/m/d instead of just Y/m as we can potentially upload hundreds of product photos a day and could reach that 999 per month limit.

    Thing is, in the source code it looks as though there was an attempt by the MediaCloud dev to address the object limits, but it doesn’t seem to ever process the second…. pages.

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