• have gone WEEKS now with no response to support tickets or refund requests. NO SUPPORT! Not worth paying for. Had to file a claim against them with their merchant processor. Dont believe the hype – Not fully responsive, overly complicated, and no support. I sent 2 support requests several weeks ago and have not received anything back. I asked for a refund… ignored. Don’t waste your money! the only thing worse than a cheap plugin is when they do not support it when you pay for it.

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  • Plugin Author robosoft


    Sorry to hear that. You post requests was related with premium account activation. I guess we didn’t get any support requests from your related with gallery functionality (related with gallery mobility or any complications in gallery configuration). Registration email was automatically sent to you right after purchase by our crm system. I guess you didn’t get your registration email and it was re-send manually to you few times, but we still didn’t get any reply or confirmation from your that you received this emails.
    We have post reply to your ticket with this account details, but again we can’t see any confirmation that you receive this messages from our support team.
    Sorry, but what do you mean not fully responsive? Could you please post some support ticket here or in our support system and we’ll help you to sort all problems related with our gallery.
    p.s. Please check your spam folder or your spam detection system , if you have one, to make sure that you received all our messages.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. Please contact us and we’ll help you to configure gallery and fix all problems in the case if you have some.

    thats a total lie. I have 2 tickets in your support queue that have gone ignored now for weeks. Ive contacted you several times with no responses. All I expect now is a refund. Your support is non resistant.

    I filed a claim against you with your merchant processor
    Requested a refund ticket number 2946
    initially requested help, also never addressed ticket 2945



    Hey why have you not answered back? none of my support tickets have been answered? You are a total liar about checking on them.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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