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  • prettypregnant


    I’m getting that this is run by one guy (or so it seems) but he simply does NOT respond to you at all.

    I had DLed the free version last year and it worked beautifully. I grabbed it for a 2nd site as I was still hosting my main site on SHopify. I came back to finally move the main one onto Word Press and neither site now works with the plug in. I started trying to contact the developer about 2 weeks ago (maybe further back) on both emails from both sites and never got a response. Not even an automated one that says we’re looking into your issue or send us more info.

    I’ve tried everything I can, including having a developer friend have a look and try to import (as I thought maybe it’s my connection) and nothing works. I was all poised to buy the plugin, but if he’s not responding even when you use live chat on the site, that sends a big red flag to not buy. I see someone else here bought the plugin and still got no elevated support options. (I contacted chat on his main site as I saw he was online. He promptly signed out when I started messaging. I get that it’s the holidays but maybe don’t sign in so people won’t see you, then potential customers won’t feel slighted). I was really hoping this would help us out, but sadly seems this plugin will not be a solution for us. May not be a solution to you dear reader, if you’re not a developer and don’t know your shortcode from your embedded code.
    If you need a bit more support, then pass this one up. I think perhaps we’ll revisit in a year or have someone write us something. Could be pricey, but at least I know they will answer if we need help.

    I do hope he hires some help or gets to update support docs. I was really looking forward to this as a solution, as one can tell by my long rambling post. I hope the feedback helps him.

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  • Plugin Author Andrew @


    Hey @prettypregnant,

    Really sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I’ve been away on holiday vacation and forgot to turn off the chat box so it appeared that I was online when I wasn’t. Apologies for that as well.

    If you’re still open to making the plugin work then I’ll be more than happy to help you directly. Just send me an email here and mention the forums with your issue.

    If the plugin was working previously then I’m sure it’s something fairly simple.



    Thanks Andrew,

    I just sent an email. Have the flu so hope it makes sense.

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