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    Scruffy, the readme file asks that all support be handled through only because I have no way of being notified when support is requested from here. I would appreciate if you would use that link or the plugin page found on our blog to ask/answer any questions you may have.

    Support is one thing I strive to provide so I am sorry you were not able to receive support through here, try using the website like we suggest. thanks πŸ˜‰

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    look without sounding rude, if i have 12 plugins and each developer wants you to sign into their site for support or github or somewhere else it starts getting complex, yet wordpress is perfect for both new people deciding if to download a plugin or looking for help

    it is just not feasible to have so many different support portals

    Plugin Author DesignLoud


    Understood, but in the same respect it gets difficult answering questions for people who are using the right channels to get support and also answer support questions one here. No need for the extra steps when we can try to consolidate it down to one simple channel.

    Furthermore your question is covered in the FAQ section on the plugin. I just cant get past how you were able to submit a negative review without reading over the read me file or frequently asked questions.

    Im not trying to be rude either, I just hope you can see things on the other side of the fence. I personally do the plugins in free time and hold down a full time job so for me to try to streamline everything to one support ‘portal’ ensures that I can answer all questions and problems in the order they arrive. Otherwise someone may submit a support ticket (on wordpress for example) and I have no knowledge of this ever existing until I check the stats and see there has been an unanswered question for two weeks.

    Im just saying, it may be worth it to take those extra steps to get support so your not left without an answer for two weeks..

    Hope it works out for you, feel free to reach me via the support link above and I can try to help you resolve this.

    Just piping in here…

    The support from DesignLoud is *unbelievably* good if you use their support system as they request.

    I found an issue that was preventing this plugin from working the way it was supposed to if the product attributes had a space or special character in them.

    I put in a support ticket on their website and received a reply within a few hours… on a Saturday no less! Derek from DesignLoud went out of his way to try to find the bug and when it was identified, was quick to turn around an update that fixed the problem.

    I was frankly amazed at how much effort they put into supporting a FREE plugin. If only developers of paid software supported their packages as well as DesignLoud does this plugin!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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