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  • There is no support for this plugin.

    As forum moderators say, a plugin is rated also by the support provided.

    And don´t try to justify yourselves by telling the community “it´s free”. The free version is part of your business strategy. If you provide good support, everywhere including the community forum, you will see your business flourish. Otherwise, you will get quite a few 1 star rates.

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  • Plugin Author Greg Priday


    Hi Pablo

    Sorry to hear you didn’t receive good support.

    Yeah, there definitely is justification to offering as much free support as possible. We do this through our own forums on SiteOrigin. – our support team post hundreds of messages there per week, all for free users. I don’t see any threads on that forum, or on the WordPress community forums. Where is it that we weren’t able to help you?

    As for helping on these community forums. I agree that would be ideal. Depending on how well received our very recent premium upgrade package is received, we’d like to hire more support staff. At the moment, with our current team, we’re only able to keep up with our own forums and paid email support.

    Thanks for the feedback. Best of luck with your future projects.

    Hello @gpriday :

    Sorry to be so direct on this, but the following I consider constructive criticism on behalf of WordPress:

    I see a trend of some very fine plugins to provide support in their own pages rather than the WP community forum. For this to work smoothly there must be a BIG DISCLAIMER somewhere very visible in the earliest place of contact of the visitor with the plugin.

    We humans are dumb. If we identify a plugin we need, we assume the support is provided in the next reachable access to support the TAB at the right side of the WP plugins page. Even for me as a professional developer, I found this assumption to be right. Imagine what a beginner would think.

    If a plugin developer opts to give support in his page rather than the community´s one, he shouldn´t assume the user will be aware of that, nor expect the user will accept the “fell grateful for what you get, after all it´s free support you are getting; what else do you expect?” phrase I have received as answer for my claims.

    Notifying a moderator for this, with the aim it will be escalated to the highest level of WordPress.

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    @gpriday here is the post asking for support.

    Looks like a glitch in the responsive slider widget.


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @dinamicore, Please don’t use the modlook tag for this. Suggestions aren’t escalated to a higher level, they are openly discussed on the Slack channel in weekly meetings so I would encourage joining one:

    Note that it’s not against guidelines for authors to provide support on their own websites.

    Thanks @anevins:

    I will use the proper channel for this suggestion.

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    Thanks again for your feedback. Those views you have expressed from other plugin authors aren’t our views here at SiteOrigin. You can see how many free support threads are answered on our forums.

    We offer as much free support as possible, as long as it doesn’t detract from the premium support we offer. It would be unethical to neglect our paying users in favour of free users.

    We currently have links to our forums in a few places. The first is inside the plugin list in your WordPress admin.

    The second is a sticky topic at the top of the Page Builder support forums here on

    Support forum link

    Perhaps in the future, there will be a way for us to change where the support tab on links to.

    Apologies you missed these links, and apologies for missing your support thread. It is great to see that, even though you rated Page Builder 1 star, you’re still using it on that website. It’s fantastic that even our harshest critics (we receive very few 1-star reviews) are still users of our products.

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    If a plugin developer prefers to provide support on their own Website rather the WP site, he is entitled to, and y this even complies with WP rules according to Andrew.

    That fact will be perfectible understandable. All it´s needed is to notify the plugin user of your own support channel, and maybe instruct him something like “for support use or own Website, and use the WP forum just to rate us”.

    Why I ask for the above? On WordPress behalf; to prevent me an others, in addition to the task of searching for the right plugin, to try to guess, by going around the reviews and support threads, what level of service the plugin has beyond its sole installation.

    Thank you.

    PS: Your disclaimer is fine ** Get Faster Page Builder Support, but I think this should be implemented as part of WP rules and guidelines, site wide, uniformly and for ALL plugins. My wish is to contribute to solve this problem for all the plugins, on behalf of a better WP world.

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    I used their great free support for months before becoming a premium user – premium support is superlative but I still browse their free support forum for quick answers.

    I agree that free support in a single place on the site would be best but I also understand the benefits of a self-hosted site especially when so much irrelevant stuff get posted in It is quite clear from the sticky post, but since the ratings are made from org it would be good for SO to actively support the forum

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