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No submit button

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  • Plugin Author itdoug


    Try going to the advanced tab in sendpress and disabling the CSS. There’s also a short code option on the help tab and if all else fails the subscribers tab has a form button. The short code and form can both be used with a text widget.

    Depending on the theme one of those will end up working. If not, let us know and we can investigate a bit more.

    Disabling CSS didn’t work. Instead of a submit button, I got a spinning loading wheel, or whatever you want to call it.

    I tried all of the text widgets both with CSS on and off.

    I tried the [sp-signup] shortcode, and it gave me a signup form with just an email, the no list error, and the spinning wheel.

    I tried the shortcode with first name, last name, etc. and it gave me a signup form with the no list error, email entry box, and the spinning wheel.

    I tried the html from the form button, and it gave me the correct signup form but still no submit button (that’s how it is on the site currently if you want to check it).

    Any thoughts?

    Plugin Author itdoug


    I will ask one of the developers to take a look. It’s probably something with your theme or CSS, but that’s not my area of expertise. When I inspect element on your site, I can see the submit button in the code, it’s just not visible.

    I am curious about the short code. Could you perhaps include the code that you tried? If it said no list was selected, there was probably a list ID missing from the short code.

    Plugin Author Jared Harbour


    It looks like your theme CSS is hiding the widgets submit button. It’s the layout.css file:line 1017 thats setting the #submit to display:none.

    If you have a way to add custom css to your site, you can override your theme css with the following code, and the button should appear.

    #submit.sendpress-submit{display:block !important;}

    If I understand you correctly, I need to edit my layout.css file and add that code, right? I’m pretty novice with this stuff, but can usually figure it out… I just don’t show a layout.css file in the appearance editor. Is there any other way around it?

    To answer your question itdoug, this is the shortcode I pulled from the help section of the plug-in:

    [sp-signup firstname_label=’First Name’ lastname_label=’Last Name’ email_label=’EMail’ list_label=’List Selection’ listids=” redirect_page=” lists_checked=’1′ display_firstname=” display_lastname=” label_display=” desc=” label_width=’100′ thank_you=’Thank you for subscribing!’ button_text=’Submit’ no_list_error=’– NO LIST HAS BEEN SET! –‘ postnotification=” pnlistid=’0’ ]

    I just added that into a text widget, and got the aforementioned result. I’m assuming I did that correctly, but it’s possible I didn’t.

    Plugin Author Jared Harbour


    Adding that code to any of your sites CSS files should work for you.

    As for the widget, you just need to set the listids parameter to the list or lists you want to give users the option to subscribe to. You can also use the SendPress Signup Widget to make setting up the options a little easier.

    Ah fantastic okay great!! I have a submit button. Fantastic. You guys rock, thank you sooo much for your help!!

    Plugin Author Jared Harbour


    Glad we could get the button back. I added the CSS to our next release so this should never happen again.

    Hey guys
    somebody help me
    I cant find the submit button on my http://weddingdresses.myprlblogs.info, so need little help.

    Plugin Author itdoug


    Boboglas, I think the next release will fix. It should be out either tonight or sometime tomorrow if all goes well with testing. If it does not resolve your problem, let us know here in the forums and we will investigate further.

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