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    Goal: two seperate sites:
    one on
    the other on
    1 wp login.

    I setup a network, got it working. Created an extra website in the administrator panel websites tab. I am super administrator there.
    I see two sites underneath network Admin.
    On the network admin info tab (edit site) of the new site I added after http://

    The subdomain is created in the host admin panel and active. (is a folder needed? I created one with FTP !)
    I did not get a wild card error while installing.
    I am not sure but I believe the Apache mod_rewrite module is supported. I can make permalinks like
    I added the blogs.dir folder.
    I checked the db, it got 4 more tables compared to prior the network.

    It’s not working:
    If I go to I see the hosts default like to have this domain page.
    Funny thing, if I go to the dashboard subdomain site and change themes, the theme on the original site is changed.

    What am I doing wrong / ommitting?

    thx a lot

    grtz Inigo

    p.s. can someone explain why on the themes tab of the new site on network admin it says: Network enabled themes are not shown on this screen.

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    There is no folder for multisite sites, they are virtual (just like your posts and pages, eh?)

    Delete the folder you made.

    Go back to your host’s admin panel. Change the location of to be the EXACT SAME SPOT as

    So if lives in /home/user/, so should sub 🙂 Yes, both in the same spot.

    Hi Ipstenu

    thx for your answer. I deleted the folder. Now I get a 500 error visiting the subdomain.
    I don’t exactly understand what you mean about the exact location.
    Has it something to do with DNS?
    I cannot change location in my host’s admin panel. You just add a subdomain. You cannot choose a location.

    grtz I.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    The subdomain is created in the host admin panel and active. (is a folder needed? I created one with FTP !)

    When you did that, where did you point the domain? Whats the exact location?

    It’s usually something like /home/user/public_html/subdomain

    That MUST be /home/user/public_html/ instead

    So where ever you installed WP (/home/user/public_html/ usually) is where the subdomain points.

    Thanx a lot. I am gonna inquire some more with my host

    Hi Ipstenu

    Weird stuff.
    The sub points to the location you said.
    Still 500 internal server error.

    I created for testing purpose another sub. Lets call it sub1.
    (host automatically creates a folder for that)
    Made it point to public_html
    Deleted the folder sub1.
    THEN created a website in the WP admin network panel.
    Page says:
    Error establishing a database connection ?!?!?!
    While sub gives a 500
    Then I deleted the sub website from WP panel
    still 500
    Then I deleted sub1 from WP panel
    still db error.

    I seriously cannot think what causes the difference.

    Does anyone have a cue how to solve this?


    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    I said it was something LIKE public_html.

    I don’t know your server, so I can’t tell you the exact paths. You have to go and look where the main location is for WP.

    Examples of other hosts:


    Go find yours.

    Thx Ipstenu for your patience

    It works now.
    Solution as you told me.

    grtz I.

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