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    I just installed 3.8.14. I am having problems with the shipping calculator. First problem – the “State” field does not produce a drop-down list. Second problem (Maybe related to the first problem?), if I manually type in a State name and type in a zipcode, the calculator returns values of $0.00 for the shipping cost. I am properly registered with USPS and I am pretty sure that I have everything set up properly, with values of weight for my products, etc.

    I have switched to a plain-vanilla standard WP theme (2011) and disabled all other plugins.

    Here is my sites URL

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  • For the state list not showing. If you only have the one country in your target markets it’s a problem others have reported. There is a point release coming shortly that addresses the issue. You can try adding a second country to your target markets list and that will let the user select a country in the country list, and the select will let the state list show. Silly fix but it worked for me on my site.

    – jeff


    You rock! I added a second country, the state drop-down list reappeared, and the shipping calculator now works.

    Watch for the point release, it should let you delete the extra country.

    couple of questions here..

    1. why does the shipping calculator even come up when you have a FIXED shipping cost??

    2. When will be available?

    I try the above solution but Australia is not showing up its state, Any clue on this?

    @raycasper Can you confirm that the state fields are enabled in your checkout settings.

    One of the fixes in the 3,8.14 release was that if you hide or delete the shipping state in checkout fields it stays hidden. It used to not be the case.

    Yes its enable i only have issue if i select Australia as country i try to add Canada as one of the country and its OK, Canada State show up

    Other issue i have is the shipping calculator its not working

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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