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  • Plugin Author slushman


    I know this sounds silly, but is it “no state” or “No State”. The plugin currently checks for “No State” and doesn’t display anything. However, if the feed data is “no state”, then that will show up.

    If you can post a link so I can check myself, that’s fine. The URL for your feed would be helpful too.

    The widget has a layout selector in the widget options, so you should be able to use that. If you’d prefer something else thats not one of the included styles, the widget does have separate classes, I’d recommend using the “Inspect Element” menu option in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to get the names for the specific parts.

    hi thanks for the quick reply 🙂
    it’s outputting “No State”:

    re: styling
    i’ve actually had to go in and move stuff around in the “/layouts/ical.php” (moving day/time) & “/inc/layouot.php” (removing “:” from “Tickets”)

    – so this should actually be another thread but since it’s here:
    cant these layout edits be “templates” as GigPress has? once you update this plug i have to re-edit those things (what if i wanted “Tickets:” to read “TIX” or “BUY” or “I’m Going!”)….

    also, cant there be a variable in the [artistdatapress] for which template to use? such as [artistdatapress template=ical]


    FYI: edited the data for states…
    but the plugin is definitely NOT doing this:
    The plugin currently checks for “No State” and doesn’t display anything.
    (it’s indeed displaying “No State”)

    Plugin Author slushman


    I’m confused now. I’m lookinga t this page:

    Tour Dates:

    And I don’t see any “No State” on there. I looked at the feed XML and can’t find anywhere that has “No State”. Even the widget on page:


    Seems to have all the correct state information. Where are you seeing this?

    I’ll look into doing templates. I probably won’t be able to get to it this week due to scheduling, but I’ll look at how GigPress does it and see if I can do something similar. Thanks for the suggestion!

    hi there!
    see my previous post, “FYI…”
    – had to edit the states as it was live…

    in any event, i did make sure before switching it that the No State selected in the pulldown on AD admin did indeed return the text “No State” on the site…

    really do hope you implement templates 🙂
    if you do please have the “Tickets:” bit be editable, perhaps in the WP admin (like: “Enter your ticket purchase text here”)

    and perhaps specifying a template in the shortcode (like NextGen gallery does)


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