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    I use (the very nice) Site Reviews plugin and have numerous reviews from users of our photography course. I’ve filled in all Rich Snippets information in the plugin settings. I checked if everything is alright with the Google test page. No problems. However, the website still doesn’t show stars on the Google search results.

    I don’t understand why. How can I make sure that the stars (4.7 out of 5!) will be featured in the search engine results? Thanks for the help!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I’m selling only 1 product in reality, an online course (with choice digital delivery or physical delivery, same course). All ratings I have are from this course, thus the product. I’m not trying to mislead anyone, I only installed Woocommerce to have the payment on the website.

    In Site Reviews (displayed on the homepage) I have chosen product as type of Schema. So, I only have product as single schema on the homepage and product as single schema on the Woocommerces page.

    What am I doing wrong and what is what I should do? Thanks!

    Kind regards, Gerske

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    Unfortunately I am not an expert in SEO so it will be difficult for me to give you complete advise. All I know is that Google is very specific in how it detects and parses your website content. Since you are selling a product(s) on your website and that product has its own page (i.e. not the homepage), it seems that Google will detect as much and parse accordingly.

    It is perhaps possible by fine-tuning which schema tags are used on your site to imply that these are one and the same as your homepage, but I do not have the expertise to advise on this.

    I apologise that I cannot be of more help.

    I had the structured data working and this is the report from Google’s Tool:

    free mini course for career seekers of all ages. how to finally choose that dream career you love. step by step system i use with my worldwide students.
    Choose Your Career Course
    The provider field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.

    It’s been crawled by Google and indexed but the stars still don’t show up. Is there something we’re missing?

    The product is an online course.

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    1. For some reason your website is printing the json-ld script tag three times. The Site Reviews plugin only prints this a single time. Since you are using the “W3 Total Cache” plugin, it is possible that this is the culprit. You will have to play around with the “W3 Total Cache” settings to figure this one out.

    2. Site Reviews supports the LocalBusiness and Product schema types. If you would like to use your own then you will need to manually add any additional schema fields that are required with your chosen schema type. To learn how to add custom fields to the schema that Site Reviews generates, please see:

    In your case, the hook name would be: site-reviews/schema/Course

    3. Since you are using the Course schema type, please see:

    Please note, it is possible that Google does not support using the AggregateRating schema value together with a Course schema type.

    4. If your schema is correct, then you should see a green preview button when using

    5. Please also see:

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    I turned off the caching and it’s still showing up 3 times.

    Anyway, I’ll continue to troubleshoot that on my end. My main concern is getting the edits done..

    I tried to add this on my theme’s functions.php file

    add_filter( “site-reviews/schema/Course”, function( $schema ) {
    // Make sure to change these values to your own!
    $schema[‘provider’] = ‘Test Provider’;
    return $schema;

    However, it’s not changing the schema code to add the provider field. Am I missing something?


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    You have a misplaced comma at the end of your code.

    You can copy/paste this, it works for me:

    add_filter( 'site-reviews/schema/Course', function( $schema ) {
        $schema['provider'] = 'Test Provider';
        // you can use the glsr_debug() function to print the schema 
        // to the page so you can make sure it is correct
        glsr_debug( $schema );
        return $schema;
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    Hi, I noticed that for PRODUCT schema extra data is requested by Google now

    warning “offerCount”: The offerCount field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
    warning “brand”: The brand field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
    warning “gtin8, gtin12, gtin13, gtin14, mpn, isbn”: The gtin8, gtin12, gtin13, gtin14, mpn, isbn field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
    warning “sku”: The sku field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.

    Maybe that’s the reason my stars aren’t visible in Google?

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    The Structured Data Testing Tool shows the green preview button so those warnings shouldn’t affect whether or not the schema is detected by Google.

    I did a google search of your site and I see the following URLs with stars in the search results:


    As I said before, it seems that Google recognises that your site sells products and so it would not make sense for it to display your homepage as a product in the same way. Ultimately it is Google’s algorithm that determines if schema is shown or not.

    However, I have compared the schema on both the pages above and the schema on your homepage and put together a function that will add the schema values from the links above that are not included in the Site Reviews schema.

    Please see:

    If this does nothing for you then there is nothing else I can offer in terms of help.

    You truly are a gem! Thank you. I’ll let you know if it works.

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