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  • I installed the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate so my website is accessible under https://
    But then this plugin creates mixed content warning, because for example when using the OpenStreetMap or Leaflet providers, the plugin makes insecure calls. But OpenStreetmap supports https, so the plugin should always use https calls by default. Or I am doing something wrong.

    SSL is a must have nowadays for all websites, so this plugin should support SSL. It is very unfortunate because the plugin is great otherwise. How to enable SSL support in Geo Mashup plugin?

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  • I’m using this plugin extensively and just recently switched to Cloudflare’s free SSL.

    I see no mixed content warning anywhere in my site. Are you sure it’s coming from this plugin?

    I found a solution: I switched to Google Maps from OpenStreetmap, because Google Maps is using SSL by default, so it does not trigger mixed content warning in the browser.

    OpenStreetMap has both no SSL and SSL APi, the problem is that if you use the OpenStreetMap maps, then the plugin links to the http:// version of OpenStreetmap, that is the problem. It should link to the https:// OpenStreetMap links by default, so that it will work correctly both in no SSL and SSL versions.

    Nowadays the cpanel hosting provides all support AutoSSL and Google recommends SSL everywhere, so it is an important issue.

    As a quick fix, it might be possible to search the plugin’s code for all instances of http:// , locate the OSM tile paths and change them to https:// .

    With some PHP work, one might also find a way to put a function or filter in the theme’s functions.php (the place to store user’s custom enhancements) that will make the plugin load https:// instead of http:// . Even I’m new to PHP so can’t suggest a solid solution for now.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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