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  • well i know there’s alot of questions about this on here, but my inquiry is a little bit more general….

    First of all, I love wordpress, simply a beautiful program.

    Well…. I don’t have SMTP enabled on my server. And as we all know it is needed to the emailing of passwords to users wanting to register.

    My only question is, is there another way?
    whether it be another way to get email to work without SMTP?

    If a plugin doesn’t exist for this, i wish someone would make it, this would be my IDEAL way for registration:
    A plugin that will let user create their own password and user name, and instead of an email needing to be sent, I get their registration request somewhere in my admin panel, and all i do is click “accept registration” or “deny”

    well, im open to any suggestions.

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  • actually, accepting and denying would require email notification as well, so lets make that:

    user puts in password and username they want, and boom, automatically registered, no need for confrimation, authentication. I can handle spam.

    look at a plugin called register plus, it allows people to specify their passwords when registering.

    can any body help me with an smtp pls. sever name and user name and password.

    please get back to me on my email address


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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