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  • I gone throught so many past questions about this and tried them all. So I hope that someone can help me…

    I can see my smilies and pictures fine on my blog. I can also see my pictures fine while I’m writing my blog, BUT i CANT see my smilies. All I get is 🙂 or 😛 or whatever the code.

    From other posts, the help that was given were (and they all didn’t work for me);

    I’ve gone through vars.php and took away all the space before the tag, from this ‘ :)’ to ‘:)’ I aso took aay th space fo th end oth tg to the =>

    It doesn’t matter if the smilies is at the start or the middle or the end or text, it still wont show up.

    I’ve put the smilies codes into my wp-config.php page, that just made all my smilies become red-crosses on my blog (no change in the writing part)

    I’ve made sure everything is spelled right, like the folders and what not, and that the vars.php is looking in the right path for the smilies.

    I have made sure the CHMOD is 755. Even tried 777 and 776.

    My “Convert emoticons like 🙂 and 😛 to graphics on display” IS TICKED -that seems to be most people problem, but not mine.

    I did a few other things, but can’t remember O_o

    HELP is muchly needed


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