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  • Resolved Carlos Vázquez


    I followed the video step by step and I make the slider. I try to add a new one and I get an error message: wrong slider.

    I tried different configurations and dedicated a good time but it is possible.

    In option:
    Create a slider with WOW Slider app and copy to folder: “./wp-content/plugins/wowslider/import/” the message says: Files to import not found.

    the file “” is in that directory.

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  • Carlos – are you using a standard wordpress site or a multi site install?

    Are you using Jetpack?

    WOWslider does not work with multisite.
    WOWslider does not work with Jetpack enabled.

    Hopefully they will fix these two items.


    WordPress 3.5 (not multisite)
    Twenty eleven theme
    Plugins: enabled only wow slider
    wow 2.7, 2.71, 2.8 not working

    Can you try with TwentyTwelve to see if that changes? I just tried it with a default install of TwentyEleven and it worked for me.

    The “rotate” effect doesn’t work in WP, did you use that effect?

    TwentyTwelve: Nothing
    TwentyTen: Nothing
    I’ve tried all the effects and neither works.

    To clarify… you did the following:
    1) Create slider with Windows WOWSlider software.
    2) Save slider as WordPress plugin option (saves as a .zip)
    3) On your WP site, go to plugins page and install new plugin. Browse to the .zip and install it.
    4) On your page/post insert the shortcode [wowslider id="1"]


    Yes, it’s done that way. The problem is that it loads the slider in the admin panel. (Sliders not found.).

    The plugin generates a lot of (notices)


    The code that generates the program has not yet been purified and used numerical capabilities that are obsolete (7) that generates the error: “With An has_cap was called That argument is deprecated.”

    I think the problem is on that path.
    How it works for you in wp 3.5?

    It works fine for me with TwentyEleven and TwentyTwelve on 3.5 if Jetpack is not enabled.
    I’m sure there are other plugins that it interferes with as well.

    This is a problem with the server directories. Locally under windows works well.The program upload the zip file to a directory type: uploads/2013/1. Then should unzip uploads / wow-slider-plugin. Despite having 777 permissions this does not happen.

    Plugins should be unzipped into this directory: /wp-content/plugins

    Sorry. My English is not good.
    I know that the plugins should be in that directory. Most of my clients sites are in wordpress.

    What I did yesterday, I downloaded the wordpress client to a local computer to check if the plugin works in a different manner.

    I tested the plugin in every way possible on the server. In a zip, unzipped, uploading the file with the plugin enabled, importing from another directory and does not work. The plugin is loaded but not sliders.

    However, on a Windows PC and xampp working properly. Under this configuration, when I install the plugin in wordpress directories are created automatically that I have mentioned in the previous post. This does not happen on the Linux server although granted the appropriate permissions.

    I hope I have expressed myself better now. Greetings.

    Carlos, I had the same problem on a new 3.5 site with twentytwelve.

    Here’s what I did to fix it:

    1) Create slider with Windows WOWSlider software.
    2) Save slider as WordPress plugin option (saves as a .zip)
    3) On your WP site, go to plugins page and install new plugin. Browse to the .zip and install it.
    4) Install failed!!

    So instead I did this:
    1) Create slider with Windows WOWSlider software.
    2) Save slider as WordPress plugin option (saves as a .zip)
    3) Install free WowSlider 2.7 plugin from the Plugins page.
    4) Success!
    5) Add new slider from WP–>Wowslider–>Add New.
    6) It added it as Wowslider2.
    7) Add shortcode to page/post and it worked.

    Thanks for your interest.
    I already bought another plugin which is excellent.
    Anyway, I’m back to try the plugin wow.
    I followed your steps today, but this too had tried the other day and still does not work.

    I regret the time I’ve lost with this plugin, much more after finding this great for $ 15:


    Yes, I was interested in that plugin too. My problem with it is they don’t offer licenses for multiple sites. Also, it doesn’t support WP Multi Sites. Good luck!

    Plugin Author


    With WordPress v.3.5 please try to do the following:
    1) Deactivate and delete WOWSlider plugin
    2) Download a new version 2.7.1 from here:
    3) Install and activate it.
    4) You should set chmod 777 for the following folders:
    * /wp-content/plugins/wowslider/import/
    * /wp-content/uploads/
    * /wp-content/uploads/wow-slider-plugin/
    5) IMPORTANT! Add sliders generated with WOWSlider using WOWSlider -> Add new, NOT Plugins->Add new.


    I have the same problem after purchasing Wowslider today. I work with wordpress 3.5 and the Theme Triton pro

    I have done all the things you have suggested with the version 2.7.1.:
    Now I get the Message when I want to upload the
    “Wrong .zip file.”

    The Message appeares in both ways – Upload or Import from Folder



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