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  • There may well be people who find the automatic preview of sites linked to by people leaving comments, both in their ‘profile’ and in their comment, useful.

    However generating these for comments in the spam folder just because the mouse pointer has gone over a URL is a Bad Idea. If nothing else, given the frequency of illegal content in sites promoted via spamming, it may cause the user problems.

    Plus as well as showing you the site the spammer is trying to attract your attention towards, the act of requesting the site will leave a ‘this site – or at very least this IP address – visited’ trail for them to use and abuse in future and I’d rather spammers never knew I’d even seen their comment spam.

    So if generating previews is to remain default behaviour, can they at least be turned off for comments already marked as spam? If there are users who go ‘I wonder what crap this spammer wants me to see?’, they can click on the links themselves.

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  • I agree with this, I’ve accidentally hovered over a link before where it’s been a spammy link. A plugin to remove this would be good. Would this be something you’d be interested in seeing in a plugin or in core?

    Personally, I’d like the ‘hover over = preview’ feature removed entirely and replaced by a ‘right click to preview’ or similar.

    But a plugin would be the start of the process to get this into core.

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