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  • I notice on my individual Archive pages, there’s no sidebar. At click on any post title. Also on these pages the body of content is way over to the right where the sidebar normally sits, and there’s also a big empty space on the left third of the page. I assume this is normal behavior for the Kubrick theme.

    If I want to have a consistent look throughout my blog, can I get this page to have the same layout with the sidebar as the other pages? I searched the WordPress site but didn’t find documentation on this.

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  • That’s the divine “punishment” for those using the K. theme, LOL
    That’s like that by design. Look for the all sidebar Kubrick to change it.

    I tried other themes but I actually found them more difficult to work with. Do I find the all sidebar Kubrick theme in the codex? When I find the theme, could I get away with just uploading the file that controls the archives page? I also wanted to be able to have stuff like Ads by Google in the sidebar of all my blog pages.

    under K. – All Sidebar edition

    I downloaded the allsidebars theme, but I’m wondering if I could make this work by just uploading 1 or 2 files from allsidebars, to my existing K theme, instead of having to switch to a new theme. This way I won’t have to customize a new theme from scratch to match my existing one.

    Couldn’t I add <?php get_sidebar(); ?> to archives.php in my existing theme to force it to put a sidebar on my /archive/ pages you get when you click on a post title?

    I see <?php get_sidebar(); ?> already exists at the very bottom of archive.php, just above <?php get_footer(); ?> but this tag is missing from archives.php.

    When I tried adding it to archives.php, that didn’t work and I can’t figure out why.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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