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    Hey there,

    The side bar and its widgets on every pages of this plugin are being shifted beneath the pages and the property posts.

    I am using Astra Theam. I have tried various options available, but could not get it align at left or right hand side.

    How do I get the side bar and its widget to appear on the right or left hand side of the pages and property posts?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • You have to create Wrapper div for aligning to code from left algin or center aign

    Div should be created after header section or where from it’s property section start


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    Hey @saadfakhan

    Thanks for your response. But I still don’t get it right.

    Remember, the side bar widgets shows up well on other pages and posts other than custom posts of this plugin.

    Any detailed tutorial or directives on how to create the div as you recommends?

    Here you go there all of about the widget in your theme design

    i’m also learning this course for that i can customize my website
    Like i need for real estate agent

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    Hey @saadfakhan

    I followed that tutorial on the video you shared above, but still couldn’t get the sidebar to align at the right side or the left side. Even when I ended up making the sidebar to move, it still remain under the main contents, but shifted to the beneath right side.

    This issue is only affecting property and property archive pages, agents and agency pages. What I managed to do was to comment out // do_action(‘ere_sidebar_property’);

    Looking at the template that displays single properties, it seems like the author intentionally placed the sidebar right after the main content as you can see bellow…

    if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) {
        exit; // Exit if accessed directly
     * ere_before_main_content hook.
     * @hooked ere_output_content_wrapper_start - 10 (outputs opening divs for the content)
    do_action( 'ere_before_main_content' );
    if (have_posts()):
        while (have_posts()): the_post(); ?>
            <?php ere_get_template_part('content', 'single-property'); ?>
        <?php endwhile;
     * <strong>ere_after_main_content hook.</strong>
     * @hooked ere_output_content_wrapper_end - 10 (outputs closing divs for the content)
    do_action( 'ere_after_main_content' );
     * ere_sidebar_property hook.
     * @hooked ere_sidebar_property - 10
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    Without sidebar on single property really takes away a lot of features from the site. So commenting out do_action(‘ere_sidebar_property’); doesn’t serve any good to me other than to make the site look a bit mature, because leaving the sidebar beneath the main content look amateur.


    I am still creating a theme for my website
    here is the link but I have 3 footer section & 1 sidebar

    here is the link of my blog page
    if you go to this page you will see a sidebar there

    Styles I have customized for my website

    Once I have created sidebar at functions .php file after I created i just fill the ere property widgets there I think you need to add widgets to the footer or sidebar

    Under the appearance menu, you have widgets

    you can display widgets on anywhere on your website with this code

    for example

    <?php dynamic_sidebar(‘sidebar1’); ?>
    <?php dynamic_sidebar(‘fotter1’); ?>

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    I took a look at your site and discover that your site is having the same issue like mine.

    Here at this your property page,

    The side bar also appears beneath the main content, instead of appearing right beside the main content.

    Sorry, I didn’t get what you want to hide sidebar area from the main content?

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    Here is a screenshot of the page from your site.

    oh! it’s mean we need to make it responsive theme design for all devices

    Actually I just wanted to show single property as showing mean center align i can customize this single property widht hegiht if i will try to left float of this single property then may the sidebar will set on the right 99%

    I think

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    Nevertheless, I didn’t want to hide the sidebar, I just want it to appear at the right position instead of appearing beneath the main content. But because I can’t make it appear where I want it to, I decided to remove it totally, but will be glad if I can find a way to make it appear as it is at the demo page.

    Then there is one way so you can get it on appear at the right side

    if you do something like
    <div class=”wrapper”>
    <div class=”sidebar float right”>
    sidebar contents goes here.
    /* End sidebar before the content */
    <dive class=”main content float-left”>

    after that, you need to modify the widget of content & the sidebar

    .float-left {
    float: left;
    width: 100%;
    max-width: 900px;



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