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    Firstly link to my site

    Soo, the problem is that site is in the internet about 3 weeks with seo end sitemap plugin and nothing! I was verifed my side in google webmaster tools and nothing, of course in wordpress panel i had chose option “let index”.

    This is not my first side in wordpress but i had first time problem like this!

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    What problem? Do you mean your site is not indexed by Google? If so, submit a sitemap at Google Webmaster Tools and look for results.

    question is not clear what you want

    I’m sorry. Of course I talk about not indexing my site in google. Yesterday i make Google Webmaster Tools account, verified my domain and added manualy sitemap (i mean link

    Also i had active a plugin which make auto sitemaps (and seo plugin) but domain still is not indexing. I had on my others websites same plugins, same hosting and same domain registrator and the other ones are correct indexing.

    Site map of this no indexing site: link

    Also anothers serch (like bing or yahoo) dont see this site too, see only one link …/feed !

    What is wrong with this, any ideas?

    wait for 2-4 days it will show is google search results. For yahoo and bing you can submit your site to theme also

    You think? Ok so i waiting, but i’m afraid of that becouse site with all seo and sitemaps plugins is active over 3 weeks and nothing but maybe manually added site map willbe helpfull… hope so :).

    In wordpress menu i chose option “let index” but possible maybe is that i had blocked this elsewhere or not?

    give me your website link




    This is where you blocked search engines from indexing your site (see lines 18 and 19 of this report:

    <meta name="robots" content="none" />
    <meta name="googlebot" content="none" />

    Change them as:

    <meta name="robots" content="index,follow" />
    <meta name="googlebot" content="index,follow" />

    Thanks. Can i change this without html code change (i’m not computer science 🙂 )? And you have idea why code is like this, i had few wordpress sites and always was indexing correct.




    And you have idea why code is like this

    For the meta tags (code) that you are currently having either look at the lines at the links I gave above, or inspect it at your site using Firebug + Firefox.

    The correct metatags to be inserted are also above. In fact you don’t need the two lines. You can insert just:
    <meta name="robots" content="index,follow" />

    edit header.php

    Ok i try change the code (hope that i will not destroy anything 🙂 ).

    For the meta tags (code) that you are currently having either look at the lines at the links I gave above, or inspect it at your site using Firebug + Firefox.

    In this theme is meta options (i off this becouse i had SEO plugin with the same options). This may be this?




    Change the robots options as I suggested above in the theme options also, if you have one like that.

    Looool. Guys i found problem!

    This theme had “meta options” i turn off active meta keywords and descriptions becouse all in one seo pack have the same options, but next was:

    “Active Robots Indexing Option” of course i choose it but i don’t see two options more:

    Choose General Bot Indexing Type
    Choose Google Bot Indexing Type

    In this options i can chose: none/ index,follow/ index,nofollow/ index,all/ index/ index,follow,archiwe/ noindex,follow/ noindex,nofollow

    Of course smart theme choose automaticly “none” and that was problem i think, i chose now “index,all” both and code is now:

    <!– robots –>
    <meta name=”robots” content=”index,all” />
    <meta name=”googlebot” content=”index,all” />

    You think that “index,all” will be best option for SEO or maybe i schould off this “Active Robots Indexing Option” (maybe it will be fight with seo plugin)?

    If you have some content that you don’t want to show google than add that in robot.txt file

    Like what for example? 🙂 And what is this follow and nofollow?

    And will in code is not nothing about “robot” how google treats code without that? Becouse my other site have not nothing about robots in html code.

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